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Which Webkinz Friends item resources are best?

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In Webkinz Friends, the box item resources feed businesses that are all in the upper ranges for returns on investment. Every business that processes the item boxes easily beats out the other types of businesses that are available at low levels. This means the box resource should be one that you stockpile as early on as possible.

The following guide will help you decide which plants are the most cost efficient and which are the best for getting item resources quickly while still getting the best bang for your Kinzcash buck.

Ruby leaf tree
Ruby leaf tree Ganz

Ruby leaf tree

The best item to collect item boxes from, hands down for both energy saving and money making, is the ruby leaf tree. Once you can afford a steady supply of the ruby leaf tree, you’ll never need another plant to collect item boxes from. You have to reach level 10 for this plant to unlock. 
The ruby leaf tree costs W2,250 to plant and produces a total of 1,600 item units over 4 uses. It takes 24 hours to become harvestable. This equals out to W1.41 per unit. This is the best return on investment from any of the box producing harvestables. Because each harvest produces 400 boxes, it is also the most energy efficient. 
Sapphire leaf tree
Sapphire leaf tree Ganz

Sapphire leaf tree

The second best harvestable for getting boxes is the sapphire leaf tree. You need to be level 5 for this tree to unlock. 
The sapphire leaf tree costs W1,200 and produces 750 boxes over 3 uses. It takes 13 hours to become harvestable. Each box unit costs W1.60. 
Gizmo bush
Gizmo bush Ganz

Gizmo bush

In third place is the gizmo bush. At level 3 this plant will unlock. 
The gizmo bush costs W60 and produces 25 item boxes in a single use. It takes 30 minutes to become harvestable. That means each unit costs W2.40. This is obviously not as good as the two trees above, but it has the benefit of being ready to harvest in 30 minutes rather than many hours. This means it’s the most cost effective option when you need more boxes quickly. 
Emerald leaf tree
Emerald leaf tree Ganz

Emerald leaf tree

In fourth place is the emerald leaf tree. At level 3 this tree unlocks. 
The emerald leaf tree costs W550 and produces 220 units over 2 uses. It takes 5 hours to become harvestable. Each item unit costs W2.50. 
Pickleberry plant
Pickleberry plant Ganz

Pickleberry plant

At the very bottom of the list is the pickleberry plant. This plant wouldn’t be worth mentioning at all due to its very poor performance. This plant unlocks at level 5. 
The pickleberry plant costs W350 and produces 125 item units for a single use. It takes 2 hours and 33 minutes to become harvestable. This gives the plant a terrible per unit cost of W2.80. The upside to this plant though is for Webkinz World players. The Pickleberry Collection, which can only be gained at random by harvesting pickleberry plants, allows you to create a pickleberry, which can be sent back to your Webkinz World account. Pickleberries can be used on the Jumbleberry Fields game in order to fill the jam jars faster.