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Which Webkinz Friends clothing resources are best?

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In Webkinz Friends, the Campkinz craft shack is the best business for gaining a large return on investment. Once you get this business, it’s important to keep it well-stocked if you want to get the most out of your materials. The craft shack processes clothing pieces.

Most other Webkinz Friends businesses that process clothing are at the low end for return on investment, but early on, before purchasing the Campkinz lot, early businesses that process clothing, such as the souvenir stand and the clothing store are the best investments, easily beating out the food businesses that are available at low levels.

This guide will reveal which clothing resources will provide the largest return on investment.

Tufted tree
Tufted tree Ganz

Tufted tree

The most cost efficient, and energy efficient, plant to collect clothing from is the tufted tree. Once you’ve unlocked this plant, there’s little reason to use any other harvestable to meet your clothing needs. You have to reach level 15 before this plant is unlocked. 
The tufted tree costs W850 and produces 550 clothing units over 2 uses. It takes 8 hours to become harvestable. This means each clothing unit costs only W1.55 to produce. 
Wool plant
Wool plant Ganz

Wool plant

In second place is the wool plant. You have to reach level 15 to unlock this plant. 
The wool plant costs W580 and produces 360 units of clothing over 2 uses. It takes 8 hours to become harvestable. Each clothing piece costs W1.61 to produce. 
Silk tree
Silk tree Ganz

Silk tree

In third place is the silk tree. You need to be level 4 to unlock this tree. Because it unlocks so early, this is the best plant to start with for clothing collection. 
The silk tree costs W300 and produces 170 clothing pieces over 2 uses. It takes 3 hours to become harvestable. This equals W1.76 per clothing unit. 
Leafy quilted plant
Leafy quilted plant Ganz

Leafy quilted plant

In fourth place is the leafy quilted plant. You need to be level 4 to unlock this plant. When you reach this plant and any of less value than it, you reach a huge drop in your return on investment. It’s not recommended to use the leafy quilted plant, or any of the others, beyond requirements for quest completion. 
The leafy quilted plant costs W450 and produces 150 clothing units. It takes 6 hours to become harvestable. This equals a rather sad W3 per clothing piece.