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When it comes to makeup, less is more

Sometimes, a good powder is all you need.
Sometimes, a good powder is all you need.
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It is a common misconception among women today that the more make up they wear, the more beautiful they will look. Unfortunately, this is WRONG.

As teenagers, many young girls experiment with makeup. They want to wear all the makeup they can. So, they layer on the black eyeliner thick around their eyes. Their eye shadow is probably a shade too dark and covers their eyelids with no room to breath. They coat on the mascara multiple times causing clumping. Let’s not forget the foundation which they cake on, usually one shade too dark, in order to appear tan and hide their teenage acne. On top of all the foundation they plump on blush and lipstick. Teenage girls do all this in order to look beautiful, older, more mature, sexy or any other adverb used to describe a young, attractive woman.

Unfortunately, many young women allow these trends to follow them into their 20s and beyond. Whether it is for a night out on the town or a hot date, lets be honest, somewhere deep down women everywhere believe that makeup can hide all insecurities, has magic time eraser qualities and automatically creates beauty.

While truth may be hiding deep inside some of these claims, when it comes to makeup LESS is actually MORE. Makeup is meant to enhance ones natural beauty, not cover it up and create a fake woman-made idea of beauty. Walking down the street, anyone can point out the girl who is wearing too much make up. It looks like she is “trying too hard” or she is “fake," and no one wants to be “that” girl.

For every day makeup, it isn’t necessary to get all “dolled up.” Between work, errands, workouts and life, applying copious amounts of makeup every day can become way too demanding. Likewise, it can give others the wrong impression.

Thankfully, to create the perfect, beauty enhancing look there are only three products necessary; eyeliner, mascara, and mineral powder. To amp it up a bit, add a splash of natural looking lipstick!


Using a subtle color of eyeliner, either brown or a charcoal black, lightly line along the lash line. Don’t use too much. Instead, create a “barely there” look.

Mineral powder

Start with using the mineral powder as eye shadow and lightly coat the eyelids. Then, move outward and brush a light amount on the rest of the face. Since the skin around the eye is lighter, the powder will appear slightly lighter. Similarly, the eyeliner will create a nice contrast.


Brush on two coats of mascara. Without eye shadow, eyelashes will really stand out and look much longer than normal.

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