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What Do You Do with Days Off?

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As the parent of a virtual schooling child, you are likely all too familiar with how fast a day can disappear on you—especially a typical school day. Between all of the assignments that your child has to complete, their class connect sessions, and the things that they just have to do every day (chores, sure; but there’s also such insignificant details as eating breakfast and lunch, getting dressed, or even taking bathroom breaks), it can feel like you never have time to get on top of things. If you have younger children at home with them, the challenge only increases: you have to play around nap times, feeding times, and “fussy times” when it’s impossible to accomplish anything! That’s why, when a rare day off does roll around, you find yourself trying desperately to decide what to do with it. Should you take advantage of some free time to do something fun with your kids? Or should you use it to catch up on all of the things that haven’t been done for the past several weeks?

Play a game or two.
Play a game or two. Emily L. Goodman

Play a game or two.

Why not?  It’s a free day off!  Just don’t let your child spend too many hours vegging in front of the television—no matter how tempting it might be!  Strategy games and other games that involve thinking skills are particularly beneficial—then they’re improving their brains without actually realizing that they’re doing it.

Catch up on a few chores.
Catch up on a few chores. Emily L. Goodman

Catch up on a few chores.

That doesn’t have to mean “catch up on every chore that has gone undone while you were focusing on schoolwork instead.”  After all, there are more important things than chores, and your kids do deserve a real “day off” every once in a while.  Still, a couple of hours spent working on those chores can make everyone feel easier in the long run.

Laundry. Emily L. Goodman


Laundry is never-ending.  It is never truly “caught up.”  The odds that you will ever see the bottom of your laundry basket are fairly slim.  Luckily, laundry is one of those things that you can do throughout the day as you catch a few minutes to yourself, rather than feeling as though you’re spending your entire day off working on it.

Get outside.
Get outside. Emily L. Goodman

Get outside.

Whether they’re running and playing or just in general enjoying the sunshine, it’s a great way to spend a beautiful vacation day.  Make sure your kids get in some sunshine before the day is over…especially if they’re spending a chunk of the day playing video games.

Do something crafty.
Do something crafty. Emily L. Goodman

Do something crafty.

Bonus points if it’s something that your kids get a real kick out of doing.  If they’re begging to do it again, you’re doing it right!  If they’re whining about it, it might be a project best left for another time.  Remember, a little bit of free time isn’t a bad thing—every once in a while, kids need to entertain themselves!



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