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What are your top 3 greatest career hits?

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Have you taken the time to access your skills and understand how you make a difference in the workplace? If not, get to it! One way to tackle this wonderful way to understand your value is to grab a few index cards and begin to note your 3 greatest career hits:

#1 Let's see if we can stir your imagination. Who are you? Have you been trained as an entry-level professional, team member, account executive, internship, job-shadow person and now you have been promoted to team leader, head chef, head accountant, assistant to the director, assistant director, project manager? Think about the attributes that you possess that have helped you to merge into this position. Do you possess:

  • Strategic planning skills
  • Effective listening skills
  • Pick up on concepts rapidly
  • Uncanny ability to get along with people
  • Management skills that unite the team

What ever your skills sets are, not them and include in your top 3 career hits!

#2 Let's see if we can stir up the challenges that you have helped your team accomplish. How did you help to meet that goal? Did you meet your daily, weekly, quarterly or annual sales goals? Did you manage your department keeping safety occurrences below 10%? Did you help out weak production groups to get picking and packing goals met? Note the challenge that you helped to overcome. Did you re-route the ways in which the telecommunications is set up? Did you offer to train new hires, helping them to understand how your company is different from other companies? Every company has a weak area that they seek to improve and meet goals with their current staff. Note these challenges and your abilities used to overcome them.

#3 Let's see if we can talk about the results of your action. Numbers (#), Percentages (%), Dollars ($). Let's see if you can jot dot the results of your actions in quantifiable terms. What are the observable results of your top performance in your profession? How did you help the company make or save time, money, operate more efficiently, make work easier or solve a specific problem? Have you demonstrated a more competitive edge? Did you expand business? How have you attracted new customers or retained existing customers?

When you understand how you have made a difference, hiring managers can easily see you solving their problems. These wonderful best hits will be rewarded by you receiving a job offer, a higher salary and greater respect in your new position.

We hope that this has helped you. Feel free to email us at let us know how you have leveraged your top 3 greatest career hits!

You look like a million bucks!
You look like a million bucks! Picture Taken by Debra Ann Matthews

You look like a million bucks!

You have much to offer your profession. You look good, you have a great work ethic and you are dedicated to help your team win! Now take a few minutes to write it down and use those achievements as a part of your career portfolio tool kit.  

Have you written documents, books, powerpoints?
Have you written documents, books, powerpoints? Picture Taken by Debra Ann Matthews

Have you written documents, books, powerpoints?

Have you contributed written material to help teach, train, evaluate and explain processes in your profession? If so, add these electronically to your career professional tool kit. Upload one of your power point presentations on your linked in profile. Write up a short version of your best practices in your profession and share it on a blog! 

Does your tool kit include service?
Does your tool kit include service? Picture Taken by Debra Ann Matthews

Does your tool kit include service?

Did you get out and show your support to the soldiers who serve? If so, add that experience in your professional career tool kit. Did you bake cookies, pass along clothes and books, organize a welcome home party or keep a solders family company? Add your duty and your concern for your neighbor as a part of your tool kit. Good job! 



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