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Whacky diets trending for Summer

Models walk the runway in Summer fashions
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Spring Break may bring increased traffic delays, out-of-state license plates and bikini clad tourists to LA, but nothing says swimwear season has officially begun like temperatures well into the 90s.

For those of us who don't feel our bodies are quite ready for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, the temptation to indulge in crash dieting can be hard to resist and difficult to discern, with the results more unpredictable than if you had asked a Magic 8-ball for the answers to your weight loss woes. So here's the skinny on some of the most popular diet trends to hit Los Angeles this season, and what the Magic 8-ball has to say about their potential results.

The Sunlight Diet
The Sunlight Diet Getty Images

The Sunlight Diet

Otherwise known as Breatharianism, this method of weight loss involves relying on nothing but air and sunlight for sustenance. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer and Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova (aka the Human Barbie) have been linked to this diet that has reportedly caused death and serious illness to its followers.

Pros: Lots and lots of Vitamin D.

Cons: You could die from it.

Will it work? Magic 8-ball says: Outlook not good.

The Bacon Diet
The Bacon Diet Getty Images

The Bacon Diet

Fairly new to the market is BaconTrim, a bacon-flavored diet drink marketed as a meal replacement that actually tastes like a meal. Hoping to capitalize on the successful following of the Atkins Diet, J&D Foods developed this savory sensation as an alternative to typical sweet chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors in similar products. There's also a gravy version if you don't find the bacon sizzling. However, it is doubtful we will see Miss Piggy taking a swig at this new weight loss trend.

Pros: Mmmmm. Bacon.

Cons: Can't think of any right now, I'm busy eating bacon.

Will it work? Magic 8-ball says: Ask again later. (When I'm done eating bacon.)

The Cookie Diet
The Cookie Diet Getty Images

The Cookie Diet

Developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal of Miami, Florida, The Cookie Diet provides for a diet of - you guessed it, cookies. That's right, cookies. Never has dieting been so delicious, nor attracted as many celebrity models and actresses including Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson. The Cookie Diet provides a supply of cookies packed with nutrients in flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth, and promises that by eating 9 cookies per day along with a low-calorie satisfying meal, you will lose weight.

Pros: You get to eat cookies.

Cons: This diet can be expensive.

Will it work? Magic 8-ball says: It is decidedly so.

The Ice Cream Cleanse
The Ice Cream Cleanse Getty Images

The Ice Cream Cleanse

If you're wondering what could possibly top off The Cookie Diet, then you haven't heard about the Ice Cream Cleanse whipped up by Kippy's Ice Cream Shop in Venice, California. Think it's too good to be true? While there are both supporters and skeptics for this one, we heard some cold hard facts about a recent attempt by actor Ryan Gosling, who went on an ice cream cleanse of his own ( more of a binge actually) and revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he gained 60 pounds (give or take) for his lead role in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, and got fired for being too fat. Kippy's version is a five-day plan featuring a healthy portion of nothing but coconut-based ice cream and hot yoga. How's that for fire and ice!

Pros: It's hot and we want to eat ice cream.

Cons: It's hot and we want to eat ice cream in a bikini.

Will it work? Magic 8-ball says: It is doubtful.

Caffeine-Infused Slimming Tank Top
Caffeine-Infused Slimming Tank Top Time Magazine / Instagram

Caffeine-Infused Slimming Tank Top

If you love working out and you love coffee, why not kill two birds with one stone and wear Hammacher Schlemmer's slimming tank top infused with real caffeine. Designed to withstand 20 washes, this $85 tank top for women promises to deliver a steady influx of just the java jolt needed to keep your workout going.

We asked LA Fitness Trainer Jack Witt to weigh in on whether fashion could really contribute to weight loss success, and according to Jack the risks could potentially outweigh the benefits.

Pros: Multitasking in its finest fashion.

Cons: Never sleep again.

Will it work? Magic 8-ball says: My sources say no.

Read Jack's article here, and be sure to check out his new fitness books on paperback, Tight, Tone & Trim (for women) and Cut, Cool & Confident (for men).

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