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Weekend wish list: 5 big screen roles Gilles Marini could rock

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Charismatic actor Gilles Marini currently stars as handsome but sometimes emotionally distant Angelo Sorrento on ABC Family’s riveting family drama “Switched at Birth.” We can’t help but be drawn into Angelo and Regina’s (Constance Marie) second attempt at love, which is based on a marriage of convenience, against their better judgment. Do they have what it takes to make it?

Gilles keeps us guessing as he skillfully draws a man who has clearly made a lot of mistakes but seems genuine in his attempt to put the past behind him and love the most important women in his life: Regina and his three daughters, Bay (Vanessa Marano), Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and baby Abby. He is trying to forge a new relationship with all three of these women but it’s not easy and it seems like Angelo often gets distracted.

Gilles also steamed up the screen this year as the dashing, married Chef Nicolas on “2 Broke Girls” who had a fling with a conflicted Caroline (Beth Behrs), who felt guilty about the fact that he was in an open marriage and his wife was in France.

His first major TV breakout role was the incomparably charming artist Luc Laurent, opposite Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Walker on ABC’s heartwarming drama “Brothers and Sisters.” Gilles did some of his most emotionally intense dramatic work on “Brothers and Sisters” and he has obviously proven himself to be a skilled and versatile actor who has done a great job building his resume’.

Let’s face it: Gilles Marini’s on-screen lady love interests have had a really pleasant job acting opposite the foxy French actor turned American citizen. Who couldn’t simply sit and let Gilles look at them with those gorgeous dark eyes and long lashes all day long? Or listen to him speak with that soft French accent?

Alas, Gilles is more than just a pretty face and his loyal band of followers are vying for the talented star to land a large leading role on the big screen. In this edition of “Weekend Wish List” we’d like to offer up five roles we’d love to see Gilles Marini play.

After you check out the list, be sure to tell us if you’re with us on this. Could you see Gilles Marini in one of these roles? Would you like to see him light up the big screen? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

International Spy
International Spy Dave Kotinsky

International Spy

Wouldn’t Gilles be perfect as the next 007?  His dark eyes and knack for giving that “brooding” look make him a perfect candidate for an international man of intrigue. His French accent is enticing enough to woo potential female villains or informants. And, his sleek physique is perfect to chase down the bad guys. Put him in a tux and some designer shades and we’ve got a man who means business!

Crime Boss
Crime Boss Mike Windle/Getty Images

Crime Boss

Speaking of business, wouldn’t it be fun to see Gilles on “the wrong side of the law” as a Chicago or New York crime boss from the Italian district?  Gilles is a master at expression and he could easily give “a look that could kill.” Every actor’s dream is to be able to play on screen things they would never do in life. Since Gilles is one of the most humble and compassionate men in Hollywood, we know if he took on a “shady” character, he would have a blast playing the polar opposite of himself.

Hero Clayton Chase


In life, Gilles has been a firefighter, a boxer, in the French army and is a master in Mixed Martial Arts. This life experience opens up a bevy of big screen “hero” possibilities. He could play a firefighter, a police officer, a detective or a Bruce Lee type action hero. Wouldn’t it be great to see Gilles sink his gorgeous teeth into an action storyline?

He also went on a search for a missing man in Bora Bora in real life and gave food and candy to poor children and the shoes off of his feet to rescue workers. It would be amazing to see him in this kind of story – maybe as a Peace Corps. member or a doctor in impoverished countries helping to effect change in a turbulent, war-torn area.

Family Man
Family Man Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Family Man

Gilles Marini is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Carole and their kids, Georges and Juliana. It would be fantastic to see him play a loving father in a big screen family drama. Think about George Clooney in “The Descendants” or films like “E.T.,” and “Field of Dreams.” Gilles would be perfect as a doting father who helps his family or friends overcome some sort of obstacle or realize a dream.

Romantic Leading Man
Romantic Leading Man Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Romantic Leading Man

Who will ever forget Gilles first big screen appearance as Dante in “Sex and the City?” We'd love to see Gilles take the helm in a rom-com or dramedy feature film as the bumbling, hopelessly romantic leading man. He conveys so much passion through his eyes and his smoldering smile. It would be great to see him play the guy with the heart of gold who is somehow dismissed by the girl of his dreams and then we watch him slowly win her heart.