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Website building with Pikock offers simplicity and optimized reliability

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Having any sort of business today means having a professional-looking website to go with it. Let’s face the online technology and the large social media masses are now the places to target new or potential clients. With Pikock’s easy-to-use and multi-platform tool creator you can take advantage of the ready-to-go template designs that target the audiences needed for the business.

Pikock is a french start-up and a multi-generational team that had a common vision of providing a tool that is easy to master and that it eliminates the complex aspects of a website. In addition, the features included exclude the traditional headaches of a website like for example calling for Information Technology (IT) support and having to redo the entire website because of one minor change you add to an existing template you modified or populated.

“I would say we focus on two main ideas, which is the simplicity and ease of use,”said co-founder Tsifei Chan at Pikock. “But the second thing which is the most important compared to others is our idea of reliability, behind this idea of reliable I mean we try to put everything so people cannot break the good functionality of their websites.”

The co-founder asserted that one of the key differentiators for them is reliability. Furthermore, website builders should give users complete autonomy and not have to spend hours trying to troubleshoot a website error or even have to contact the IT department for something as simple as changing the text or layout.

Once the website is live you will not have to worry about making different versions of it. In other words, you will have included a tablet, desktop and mobile version working for you.

The idea of creating the company was in the works since 2012 when a few of the founders worked in the same company bank called Banque Populaire Caisses d’Epargne, the second largest bank in France. They officially launched in Jan. 2014 in French and two months later in English.

The company’s co-founder Chan is well aware that their direct competitors are guided building companies like and Squarespace. He strongly believes their product by comparison remains completely operational no matter what, which is the ideal principle of running a proficient online website without dealing with the support end of things.

Existing clients using Pikock’s technology include the following: Hipayfullservice, Startergallery, Fotografia-fna, Maison d’hôtes Passiflora Villa, and Restaurant Pères et Filles.

Sublime website wherever and whenever
Sublime website wherever and whenever Pikock

Sublime website wherever and whenever

Simplicity of building a new website should not have to require separately creating a version for each separate platform. Thankfully once you go live Pikock's technology already takes care of the rest. You will have a tablet, mobile and desktop version of the site.

Guilded building
Guilded building Pikock

Guilded building

The tool for website building at Pikock ensures you will have the necessary tools and support you need. Professionally looking websites ready to be created with no coding or previous experience required. The functionality of the website is maintained for you. 

Image editor made simple
Image editor made simple Pikock

Image editor made simple

The images you edit can be greatly enhanced with Pikock's in-house image editor tool. It will eliminate the conventional look of the images and in turn use the filters to present professionally looking images. 

Professional, ready-to-start designs
Professional, ready-to-start designs Pikock

Professional, ready-to-start designs

The company has created templates that are ready-to-go themes utilizing the team of designers at Pikock. Most of the themes are responsive and free of layout issues. 

Unique website address
Unique website address Pikock

Unique website address

One of the most important aspects of website building is choosing the right name and making sure it is available. You can submit the name of your choice and Pikock will attach the chosen name within 72 hours.