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'Watch Dogs' profiler tour: All of the AI backgrounds you don't know about

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From everything we've seen, heard and read about Watch Dogs so far, density and detail are the name of the game, pun-intended, especially when you take a closer look at the AI inhabitants that make up the windy city of Chicago, Illinois.

We've been monitoring Watch Dogs very closely over the last few years or so, and today we'd like to share with you some of the detail you definitely have missed and might completely miss when Watch Dogs launches on May 27th.

Whenever Aiden Pierce uses his profiler on the citizens of Chicago, a handful of background information always comes up about them. The information Watch Dogs fans will be able to discover are things such as: name, age, an interesting fact about the person, their occupation and yearly income.

Watch Dogs has been priding itself on detail and density since it was revealed at E3 2012, and we are happy to shine a light on some of that detail before Watch Dogs is released.

So without further delay, here are the citizens of Watch Dogs' Chicago that you should get to know, because in a few months, they will be getting to know you.

Janet Kozer
Janet Kozer Ubisoft

Janet Kozer

Our first Watch Dogs profiler reveals a woman named Janet Kozer. She was recently a person who had been evicted from her home.

Janet is the age of 34 and her occupation is being a housekeeper. On that type of job, her yearly salary checks in at $29,700.

Marcus Rhodes
Marcus Rhodes Ubisoft

Marcus Rhodes

Our next Watch Dogs AI that we are profiling today goes by the name of Marcus Rhodes and is 45 years-old.

This patriot is a veteran of the Iraq War and he seems to be down on his luck. Currently, Marcus is unemployed and has a total income of $0 per year.

Bobby Tyler
Bobby Tyler Ubisoft

Bobby Tyler

From rags to riches, our Watch Dogs profiler takes us to Mr. Bobby Tyler who is currently 39 years of age.

Bobby is a Pro-Life Lobbyist, his occupation is being an executive at a tobacco company and he is pulling in roughly $115,000 per year.

This man was hacked by Aiden Pierce in the Watch Dogs demo at the PS4's announcement conference.

Karen Jones
Karen Jones Ubisoft

Karen Jones

The very versatile Watch Dogs profiler takes us next to the lovely Karen Jones who is currently sitting at 28 years-old.

Karen is a foster parent, who's occupation is working as a parking attendant and is pulling down about $12,400 per year.

Sandy Higgins
Sandy Higgins Ubisoft

Sandy Higgins

Now things get interesting as the Watch Dogs profiler finds us an individual who is about to find herself in some trouble, Sandy Higgins.

Ms. Higgins is currently serving as a grade school teacher, and she recently won child custody in a battle against her ex-husband, Bobby Sawicki.

He is a freelance photographer and is currently under a restraining order. You never know what happens with those freelancers.

In the Watch Dogs demo from the PS4's announcement event, Higgins was the woman Aiden saved from being harmed by Sawicki.

Michelle Trang
Michelle Trang Ubisoft

Michelle Trang

Next up on our AI tour of Watch Dogs, Michelle Trang is profiled.

While she's 28 years-old, she was recently charged with plagiarism, and if you're a journalist, which Michelle is, that can rough up your reputation.

It doesn't seem to be hurting her that bad because she is still pulling in $42,700 per year.

Roger Sallis
Roger Sallis Ubisoft

Roger Sallis

The profiler in Watch Dogs is active and brings us to Mr. Roger Sallis, who is 38 years-old.

Sallis is someone who recently tested HIV Positive, is a short order cook and earns roughly around $52,700 each year.

This was another person Aiden profiled in the original Watch Dogs reveal trailer back at E3 2012.

Mary Blass
Mary Blass Ubisoft

Mary Blass

Watch Dogs' profiler takes us to Ms. Mary Blass, who all of you will remember from the E3 2012 demo.

She was the one calling DeMarco when Aiden showed up at the art club.

Mary is 35 years-old, happens to be an employee of Joseph DeMarco's, is by occupation an event coordinator and her work yields around $83,455 each year.

Alejandro Mendez
Alejandro Mendez Ubisoft

Alejandro Mendez

The Watch Dogs profiler takes us from Mary to Alejandro Mendez, also from the E3 2012 Watch Dogs demo.

Mendez teaches Krav Maga, is 43 years-old, earns his living as a security contractor and ends up making $27,400 each year.

Lan Hung
Lan Hung Ubisoft

Lan Hung

Watch Dogs brings us to yet another good heart, Lan Hung, who is 31 years-old.

She is also an adoptive parent, makes her living as a songwriter, and ends up making about $50,900 on a yearly basis.

Julie Richards
Julie Richards Ubisoft

Julie Richards

We take you to our next stop on the Watch Dogs profiler tour to Ms. Julie Richards, who is 41 years of age.

Julie is a home owner, a publicist by occupation and makes about $46,400 each year.

Chun Chang
Chun Chang Ubisoft

Chun Chang

The Watch Dogs profiler tour takes us next to Chun Chang, who is 35 years-old.

Chun recently tried to apply for a loan, but unfortunately it was declined. She works as a landscaper and earns over $61,900 per year.

Clint Fallon
Clint Fallon Ubisoft

Clint Fallon

Our final stop on the Watch Dogs profiler tour is checking in with Clint Fallon, not related to Jimmy, and he is 40 years-old.

Clint is a military reservist, is also a security contractor and ends up making $26,500 each year.

He also has a concussion because of Aiden knocking him out in the original Watch Dogs E3 2012 gameplay trailer.


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