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Verizon Wireless HTC One Remix review: Smooth operation, great camera features

Keyboard & battery
Beth McIntire

Verizon Wireless's new HTC One Remix offers a sleek, attractive design, excellent features and smooth operating.

Running the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system with HTCSense 6, the HTC One Remix smartphone sports 16 GB of onboard memory and allows up to a 128 GB microSD card for additional storage. Its 1.2 GHz quad core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM ensure quick app installs and excellent overall performance.

The HTC One Remix offers a great looking phone with its sturdy metal housing and stylish design. It measures 5.41" by 2.56" by .42" and weighs 4.83 ounces, making it the perfect size to fit nicely in a pocket or purse.

Blinkfeed & display
Blinkfeed & display Beth McIntire

Blinkfeed & display

The first thing you'll notice about the HTC One Remix is its Live Home Screen with HTC BlinkFeed, which you can customize with your favorite sources of news and information, including popular blogs like Huffington Post, along with your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You'll see this every time you unlock your screen, so you can easily stay up-to-the-minute with all of the information that matters to you.

If you like watching videos on your phone, you'll appreciate the HTC One Remix's gorgeous, vibrant 4.5" display and its front-facing stereo speakers with HTC BoomSound, offering an amplifier for balance and delivering boosted bass and clear vocals.

Game play & camera features
Game play & camera features Beth McIntire

Game play & camera features

Games like Angry Birds and Words With Friends also look terrific on the HTC One Remix, and the phone's touchscreen functions flawlessly with just the right amount of sensitivity. Text in articles and messages looks sharp and clear, making it easy to read, even for Kindle books.

The HTC One Remix really becomes a standout with its camera, and not just because of its 13 MP AF with LED flash plus 1080p HD camcorder and 5 MP front facing camera, also with full HD video recording.

As a rather non-photogenic person, the HTC One Remix's photo enhancement features piqued my interest. The anti-shine effect did a fantastic job. After de-shining myself and using the face contouring and skin smoothing effects, a couple of not-so-great photos of me actually looked pretty good. The eye enhancing and brightening effects made me look like a zombie, but the red eye reduction could come in handy if you often take pictures that look great except for the glowing red eyeballs of your subjects.

The front-facing camera also has a brief timer for you to prepare for the photo, with an onscreen countdown. The device automatically organizes pictures taken around the same time into slide shows, complete with music, using HTC Zoe. By the way, the phone takes exceptional photos, too, with nice color saturation and sharp definition.

Keyboard & battery
Keyboard & battery Beth McIntire

Keyboard & battery

The HTC One Remix has plenty of space for storing your apps and media, especially if you insert a microSD card, but I still recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your photos and videos to the cloud and sync with your computer. This makes sure your media files have been backed up in case something unexpected should happen to the device, and ensures that you never have to email photos and videos to yourself.

Typing shouldn't present any problem on the HTC One Remix's multi-function onscreen keys, but I'm also fond of Android's voice recognition capabilities. Some folks dictate messages and documents. I like to dictate personal notes for myself when I need one or both hands for performing another task. You may want to try this if, for example, you want to perform some procedure while taking notes on how to do it, for later reference.

The HTC One Remix's battery lasts an impressive amount of time, on par with other current Android phones, giving you at least a couple of days between charges with moderate usage. The HTC One Remix also includes HTC Advantage, which provides for a one-time screen replacement in case it cracks during the first six months of ownership.

Reliable mobile network
Reliable mobile network Beth McIntire

Reliable mobile network

Though all mobile carriers have some dead areas, it's pretty hard to hide from Verizon Wireless's far-reaching 4G LTE mobile network. Many folks in rural areas can pick up only one mobile signal - Verizon's. This device is global ready, so make sure to sign up for a mobile plan before headed out of the country, or don't take your phone with you. If you leave the U.S. and make or receive a voice call, or your phone uses mobile data (such as checking email in the background), without an international plan, you could face significant charges on your next bill.

If you don't mind signing a two-year contract, there's no reason to wait for an iPhone 6 or pay $200 or more for a great smartphone with high-end features and a fantastic camera. You can pick up an HTC One Remix from Verizon under contract for $49.99, complete with Verizon's super speedy 4G LTE mobile service.