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Valentine's Day flowers: alternatives to roses

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Some women don't like flowers because men tend to only give flowers to apologize or smooth over a big fight. Erase her bad memories by sending her flowers to express how much you love and appreciate her on this day. And be sure to include a thoughtful note.

A lot of people hate giving (or receiving) flowers because they don't want something that is "going to die'. But the truth is, the giving of flowers is not morbid. It's actually a beautiful act of bringing a part of nature and earth into our lives (homes or offices). And they do live (for however long) and when they're gone, get over it! Nothing lasts forever. But the memory of how thoughtful you were this V-day just might live forever in heart and mind.

Here are a few suggestions for alternatives to roses if you want to be more thoughtful and less predictable when it comes to sending flowers.

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Stargazer Lilies
Stargazer Lilies Google Images

Stargazer Lilies

These are both classic and classy. This is a great way to say I love you. This arrangement is bright and beautiful and will be sure to brighten up her day. 

Silk flowers
Silk flowers Google Images

Silk flowers

If you do this option, have someone make an arrangement for her home or office with her favorite colors. With the right vase and some rocks or stones, this could be something she looks to fondly for a very long time. (and they won't die!)

An indoor plant
An indoor plant Google Images

An indoor plant

This one will actually live a lot longer than flowers (provided she takes care of it) and is perfect for someone with a green thumb. Just make sure to get one that is low maintenance so it's not too much work. 

Edible Arrangements
Edible Arrangements Google Images

Edible Arrangements

These puppies are expensive, but totally worth it! With this option she gets the visual effect of a flower arrangement, but the ability to actually enjoy it while she eats on this treat for a few days. And it's something she can share with you! 

Sunflowers Google Images


For the bright and cheery girl. These flowers will brighten up anyone's day! What a great addition to her desk. This is a great way to make her smile.