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Valentine's Day beauty prep guide

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So, February 14 is just a few days away. Now it is time to prep your body and skin for your night of romance. Many think, "Oh, I will just go to the spa the day before or day of and get the works done." While that is an option, it can also be risky. Getting a full skin treatment done the day of or even the day before may not allow your skin time to heal if it becomes irritated. I have found it is better to begin preparing my skin for a big date night, such as Valentine's Day, at least three days prior (not counting date night).

The Basics of Face and Body Prep


You want to begin working on your face first. It is the most exposed part of your body and tends to be the most sensitive. Since you want to put your best face forward, you want to take care with how you handle the delicate skin on your face. Therefore, do one skin care treatment a night –- excluding hair removal -- to give your skin time to heal between each one.


The skin on the rest of your body tends to be a bit thicker and can handle more. You don't have to do just one treatment a day before your big night. I would recommend taking steps early to hydrate your skin so that it can be it's most soft and supple for your date night.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's get to the nitty gritty of how you should proceed with the Valentine's Day Beauty Prep Guide.

Prep Day 1: Exfoliate Your Face and Neck
Prep Day 1: Exfoliate Your Face and Neck Moe Rubenzahl via Wikimedia Commons

Prep Day 1: Exfoliate Your Face and Neck

You might be tempted to slough off those dead skin cells the night of your date. This is not such a great idea. Unless your facial scrub is extra gentle, chances are your face may become red and blotchy. There is no guarantee that it will go away by the time your date arrives. So exfoliate your face with your scrub three days before the date. This gives your skin time to heal.

Prep Day 2 (Face): Clay Mask Time
Prep Day 2 (Face): Clay Mask Time Sérgio (Savaman) Savarese via Wikimedia Commons

Prep Day 2 (Face): Clay Mask Time

Clay masks help to tighten or refine pores. They help to absorb extra oil if your skin is on the oily side. Clay masks also help to remove dead skin in a more gentle way than a facial scrub does. This also ensures your skin remains smooth and soft with no dry skin in sight.

Prep Day 2 (Body): Exfoliate and Shave
Prep Day 2 (Body): Exfoliate and Shave OttawaAC via Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0

Prep Day 2 (Body): Exfoliate and Shave

You exfoliate and remove body hair early for the same reasons you exfoliate early for the face. To make sure signs of irritation are gone by date night. Exfoliate the body first. This ensures a closer shave and wax so that your skin is smooth and hair free. If your hair grows back at a fast rate then do this the night before using the most gentle body scrub and hair removal method that irritates your skin the least.

Prep Day 3 (Hair): Hot Oil, Shampoo, and Deep Condition Hair
Prep Day 3 (Hair): Hot Oil, Shampoo, and Deep Condition Hair Brentron2000 into the Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Prep Day 3 (Hair): Hot Oil, Shampoo, and Deep Condition Hair

The night before is the time to prep the hair for styling on date night. You do this by making sure hair is clean, moisturized, and fully dry. Use a hot oil treatment before shampooing. The hot oil adds a layer of protection to prevent the next step, shampoo, from stripping your hair of all moisture. Next shampoo hair to remove dirt, debris, and styling product buildup. Last, deep condition your hair to restore and add moisture to hair.


If your hair is on the dry side, I recommend sealing in moisture with a natural oil like olive or coconut oil to seal hair and moisturize it. Do not blow dry hair. Let it air dry overnight. Do not apply any styling product like gels, serums, and mousses. Doing this will allow your hair to not be weighed down when you have to style it for your Valentine's Day date.

Prep Day 3 (Face): Peel-Off Mask and Hair Removal
Prep Day 3 (Face): Peel-Off Mask and Hair Removal David Monniaux via Wikimedia Commons

Prep Day 3 (Face): Peel-Off Mask and Hair Removal

The peel-off mask does one better than the clay mask. Peel-off masks can lift or pull whatever is clogging your pores out of them. It helps to remove any blackheads the clay mask loosened but failed to remove. This is time to wax or pluck those brows, wax your upper lip, and chin. Any irritation should be gone by the following evening.

Everyday Prep: Moisturize
Everyday Prep: Moisturize Cathkidston via Wikimedia Commons

Everyday Prep: Moisturize

Make sure to properly moisturize your face and body daily. After all of that work you put in, you do not want a dry patch of skin to creep up. For face, moisturize your skin nightly and use a moisturizer with SPF protection during the day.


For your body, use a bath oil or baby oil on wet skin and pat dry. This helps to lock in moisture. You can later add body lotion to keep skin soft throughout the day.