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Utah Jazz prospects for 2014 NBA Draft lock up at the Final Four

Julius Randle
Ronald Martinez

At the NCAA Final Four in Dallas on Saturday, April 5 several Utah Jazz draft prospects -- including Kentucky standout Julius Randle and Wisconsin forward Frank Kaminsky -- battled one another with Kentucky and its cavalcade of one-and-done's coming out as the victor.

That was just one battle taking place Saturday at AT & T Stadium in North Texas, however.

The other battle featured upstart No. 7 seed UConn taking on No. 1 seed Florida -- and it was one that the underdog Huskies won going away, 63-53.

Potential Jazz draftee Shabazz Napier had 12 points and six assists to help lead UConn to victory over a veteran Florida team many predicted would win it all.

So it’s Kentucky versus UConn for the national championship game on Monday, April 7. In the meantime, here is how Utah Jazz draft prospects did on Saturday -- particularly in the Kentucky-Wisconsin showdown where no fewer than four draft prospects took to the court for the Final Four.

It was a big night for most Jazz prospects as some played on to the national title game -- and others will now prepare for the next step -- the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft.

Julius Randle
Julius Randle Ronald Martinez

Julius Randle

Randle had an off night by his standards, missing out on a double-double for the first time in four games for Kentucky. His Wildcats won but on this night, he lost some draft board standing perhaps.

He had 16 points but only managed five rebounds as Wisconsin’s big front line frustrated Randle into making some bad decisions.

And so what if the kid doesn’t know what the word attainment means, as illustrated in this article. Did you know what it meant when you were 18? Of course not.

James Young
James Young Jamie Squire

James Young

Young made up for a series of woeful NCAA Tournament games on Saturday by finally having a good one.

His 17 points not only paced Kentucky to a squeaker of a victory over Wisconsin, it showed NBA teams that even after a few bad games -- you can come back and play great when it counts.

The Jazz could undoubtedly use Young’s three point shooting and stingy defense -- which had been missing for most of March Madness.

Sam Dekker
Sam Dekker Jamie Squire

Sam Dekker

Speaking of players who had flat out disappeared during March Madness, what in the world happened to this guy? At one point, he was on every NBA team’s radar screen.

Now, he’s a blip but he did a lot to regain their trust with a solid 15 point outing -- after Kentucky had suffocated Wisconsin’s go-to player, or Frank Kaminsky for most of the game.

Dekker almost got his Badgers the win, and the sophomore won big on draft boards though he lost on Saturday.

Frank Kaminsky
Frank Kaminsky Jamie Squire

Frank Kaminsky

Kaminsky was bottled up big-time by Kentucky’s big men -- and James Young -- on Saturday, managing just eight points and five rebounds in a 74-73 loss.

That focus on Kaminsky -- who had been the Badgers’ focal point during all of the NCAA Tournament -- did leave Sam Dekker open for opportunities.

But the Wildcats were right to make Kaminsky work for his shots -- especially when Kaminsky had been so dangerous throughout March.

Shabazz Napier
Shabazz Napier Ronald Martinez

Shabazz Napier

Napier saved his worst game for Saturday in UConn's win over Florida, scoring just 12 points and dishing out six assists.

But he’s headed to the national championship so rest assured he cares very little about his bad showing -- and will bring it Monday night in the national title game against Kentucky.

Napier has spent his college career answering detractors so in a way he probably relishes the fact he had a bad night at the Final Four.