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Using herbs from your garden

fantastic herbs
anthony leone

Nothing, nothing is better than picking some fresh sage from your herb garden, cleaning it and rubbing it on veal cutlets to pan saute.Fresh basil in your red sauce or gravy. Rosemary and thyme to season so many items. Dill to make homemade pickles The possibilities are endless. This season, I grew sage, basil, rosemary, dill, thyme, and oregano. I utilized basic pots and good soil. The results, as you can see are pretty awesome. Keep them well watered and if you start them inside the house, be sure to get them outside as soon as they have some sprouts.

In just a few seeds, I have made basil oil, basil butter, sage oil and butter, dill pickles, red sauce, rubbed veal with sage, made salad dressings with basil and thyme, topped homemade french fried with fresh rosemary and added thyme to my sauces. This are just an amazing amount of uses for these fresh herbs. If you go to the super market for these items, a small bunch of basil is $3.99.I have grown 50 bunches of basil for less than $ 2.00. The other herbs are comparable in price at a store as well.

It is truly amazing what a small amount of time and energy can give you fresh amazing herbs for hundreds of uses. For my last harvest, I plan to vacuum seal , bunches of all the herbs for the winter, for year round freshness to my dishes..

If you garden, happy harvesting. If not consider it, its quite a " fresh " hobby

Herbs Anthony Leone


Grow cheap, easy herbs

Enjoy the rewards

I went to home depot to purchase these herbs. I used rich soil for herb plants ( no chemicals). Just plant, water and go.

herb garden
herb garden Herb Garden

herb garden

You can put multiple herbs in the same pot

Hundreds of uses for each herb. There is a noticable difference in using fresh vs freeze dried of store bought.

infused oils
infused oils Basil Oil

infused oils

I infused fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil. Pick the basil. Chop the basil. Add to olive oil. Place oil and basil in a sauce pan and heat to warm. This infuses the herb to the oil. Let cool and put in a storage vessel. Its a good idea to shake the oil prior to putting in breads, pastas, etc.