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Using beautiful and luscious natural OenoBeauty products

OenoBeauty Products
OenoBeauty Products

I've been using several colors of the beautiful and luscious natural OenoBeauty lip glosses and blush for more than a month now and these are sure easy wear and long-lasting products! We all know gals love to be stylish but now we don't have to sacrifice style in order to wear natural make-up. OenoBeauty makes it easy!

I am considered to be somewhat of a Bohemian eco-stylish woman - I am always checking labels and being quite cautious what I wear and put on my skin because of all the toxins in our world. I believe with a good bit of awareness of what is good (or not good) for us, it is possible to navigate the toxic world and find ways to naturally live well.

I know some vegans who don't wear make-up because they don't want to put anything on their face that has questionable ingredients. I am right there with them! My skin can be sensitive at times so even if I didn't mind questionable ingredients (which I do) I would still check labels and do small skin patch tests over the course of several days to ensure I am could use a new product.

What else is possible? Well, now we have a natural and healthy choice for lips and cheeks! Introducing... OenoBeauty!

As I wrote in my review of OenoBeauty products, they formulate their lip and cheek color products with concentrated grape-seed extract that provides an abundant antioxidant boost! Fantastic! Isn't it aWEsOMe that we can have a natural good-looking color on our face - to help us look our most youthful best?

OenoBeauty cheek blush, or stain, is creamy and a little bit goes a long way. You know how your lips or teeth take on the color of red wine when you drink it? Well those are the properties that OenoBeauty used while developing this new line.

A few days ago when my daughter visited she tried one of the lip glosses and snapped a couple of pics before and after. I must say we were both happily surprised at how the Meritage (plum) color appeared on her lips versus how dark it looked in the tube (which was why I hesitated to try it) we were ecstatic with the results!

Other companies say their products are "natural" but though they use that term for marketing reasons, their products still contain some chemicals. OenoBeauty uses a combination of castor oil, and succinic acid to create the glossy part of their lip gloss. Read my previous review for more detailed information about Zenigloss.

OenoBeauty's lip glosses and cheek stains come in wine-inspired colors:

The lip glosses are available in these beautiful natural luscious colors:

  • Peachy Pink / Bellini (my favorite)
  • Plum / Meritage (the one in the photos)
  • Clear with sparkle / Champagne
  • Ruby Red / Pinot

The natural creamy blushes / cheek stains colors:

  • Pink / Granache (my favorite)
  • Mauve / Viognier
  • Coral / Malbec
  • Garnet Red / Cabernet
  • Rose / Sangiovese

I used and reviewed several colors of lip gloss and two cheek stains. I have found the extra color on my normally clean and clear face has given me that "I feel pretty" feeling.

One more thing that's important to me about this company is that it was started by a self-starter gal who paired up the things she loves - natural beauty products and wine! I feel it's kinda sweet that she also too the name Oeno from an ancient Greek goddess of wine.

Buy OenoBeauty products here:

For more information about the company's founder - Click Here.

  1. Benefits of using OenoBeauty lip and cheek colors:
  2. Absorb some antioxidant support via skin pores
  3. Add some sexy color to your face
  4. Enjoy feeling pretty
  5. Possibly receive some special compliments
  6. Obtain a great value these lip glosses are only $14 and cheek stains $22!
  7. Wine-inspired named colors
  8. Products DO NOT contain: parabens, sulfates, pthalates, GMOs, PPGs, MEA, DEA, TEAs, formaldehyde, and triclosan.

See them all on their website:

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Natural lips
Natural lips Sheila Berkowitz

Natural lips

This photo is before applying OenoBeauty lip gloss. This is the model's natural lips. The article writer is testing OenoBeauty natural lip gloss.

After OenoBeauty lip gloss
After OenoBeauty lip gloss Sheila Berkowitz

After OenoBeauty lip gloss

This photo was taken AFTER applying OenoBeauty lip gloss. The model used OenoBeauty's Meritage (plum) color lip gloss. The article writer supplied the OenoBeauty natural lip gloss.

Before After Comparison OenoBeauty lip gloss
Before After Comparison OenoBeauty lip gloss Sheila Berkowitz

Before After Comparison OenoBeauty lip gloss

This photo compares the BEFORE and AFTER applying OenoBeauty lip gloss. The model used OenoBeauty's Meritage (plum) color lip gloss. Lip gloss by OenoBeauty for testing purposes. The lip gloss is shown in the middle of the graphic so you can see how the color in the tube compares to the AFTER photo.

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