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Trinity Copeland-Harlan Copeland: Troy, NY., murder trial

Trinity Copeland Case
Trinity Copeland Case

The Times Union is reporting today that the murder trial for a former Troy City High School teen who shot her father to death two years ago begins today. According to court records, Trinity Copeland, 18, is on trial for second-degree murder in the death of her father Harlan Copeland. She faces life in prison, if convicted.

New York court documents indicate that Trinity Copeland shot her 47-year-old father after the two argued over the use of the credit card.

When police arrived at the scene at 3022 seventh avenue in Troy, Ny., they found Harlan Copeland dead with a gunshot wound to the head. Police say a rifle had been used in the attack, according to News 10.

When questioned by police, Trinity Copeland stated that she shot her father in self-defense. The young African American teen had tried to fool the detectives by opening a window to make it look as though an intruder had entered the home.

Trinity Copeland later confessed to police that she shot her father in his Troy, Ny., apartment after he asked her to do it. Harlan Copeland, a self-employed electrician, was sitting on the sofa when his daughter shot him.

2012: Timeline of events in the Trinity Copeland Troy, Ny., shooting case

Friday, July 13: (4:30 a.m.) According to Trinity Copeland, she admits to her father that she took his debit card without permission and charged $150. Harlan Copeland becomes upset, grabs his gun and asks her to him.

Trinity Copeland grabs her father's rifle and shoots him in the head as he sits on the couch. She calls 911 and tells them an intruder came in and shot her father.

Tuesday, July 17: A hearing is scheduled for Trinity Copeland to appear in court. The court hearing is cancelled after Trinity Copeland admits to killing her father. The teen is held without bond in the Rensselaer County jail.

Thursday, December 20: Trinity Copeland is indicted on two counts. A Rensselaer County judge orders the African American teen to stay in jail without bond.

Friday, May 17: Trinity Copeland is released from prison due to an error. According to The Times Union, the murder charge was dismissed after a legal error in the court proceedings.


August 31: Trinity Copeland is charged with two new counts: First-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder.


Monday, April 14: Trinity Copeland's murder trial begins.

Trinity Copeland Case
Trinity Copeland Case Youtube

Trinity Copeland Case

Here is a photo of Trinity Copeland, a former Troy City High School student in New York. Copeland is accused of killing her father two years ago in his Troy apartment over money.

Harlan Copeland -Troy
Harlan Copeland -Troy Youtube

Harlan Copeland -Troy

The murder took place at an apartment building at 3022 seventh ave. That's where police found Harlan Copeland dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Harlan Copeland-Obituary
Harlan Copeland-Obituary Facebook

Harlan Copeland-Obituary

Here is a photo of former Marine Harlan Copeland. No one has had a bad thing to say about him. All of his neighbors and friends describe him as a nice, friendly guy who loved his daughter. Harlan Copeland leaves behind two other children, a son and a daughter of East Nassau.

Trinity Copeland -Facebook, NY shooting
Trinity Copeland -Facebook, NY shooting Facebook

Trinity Copeland -Facebook, NY shooting

Baby face killer Trinity Copeland was said to be just the average teenager. Who could have imagined that this sweet face girl could gun down her loving father over money.