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Pregnant woman murdered: Tracy Anderson-Robert Atlas, Bedford, TX.

Robert Atlas-Bedford, Texas
Robert Atlas-Bedford, Texas

Tracy Anderson-Robert Atlas Bedford, TX., murder case: CBS Dallas is reporting today that Bedford police have issued a capital murder warrant for a Texas man who disappeared after his pregnant roommate was found dead. Authorities say Robert Atlas, 26, is missing and his live-in girlfriend Tracy Anderson, 27, is dead.

Update: Robert Atlas was captured in Shreveport, La.

Tracy Anderson aka Tracy Renee Anderson was found stabbed to death at the Colonial Village at Shoal Creek apartment homes on Central Park Blvd. Police are asking for tips from the public for information regarding the whereabouts of Robert Atlas, according to NBC DFW.

Timeline in the death of Tracy Anderson aka Tracy Renee

Early March

  • Tracy Anderson and roommate Robert Atlas move in to the Colonial Village at Shoal Creek apartments in the 2500 block of Central Park Blvd. 27-year-old Tracy Anderson is pregnant.

Friday, March 21

8:00 p.m.

  • Tracy Anderson speaks to her mother by phone. She is the last person to hear from Anderson.

Later that evening

  • Robert Atlas is not home. Tracy Anderson finds out that Atlas is at a local bar with a friend. When she arrives at the bar, the two begin arguing. Tracy Anderson storms out of the bar, according to information obtained by the Star-Telegram.

Sunday, March 23

  • Tracy Anderson's mother has not been able to contact her daughter all weekend. Bedford police are called to the apartment.

1:40 p.m.

  • Bedford police arrive at the Shoal Creek apartments to check on Tracy Anderson, after the victim's mother contacted police because she was unable to make contact with her daughter.
  • Police find the body of a pregnant woman dead in the apartment. The body is identified as Tracy Anderson.
  • Investigator's say there appears to be forced entry.
  • An autopsy report shows the young Black woman was pregnant. The report goes on to state that she was stabbed multiple times.
  • 26-year-old Robert Atlas is missing
  • Police learn that Robert Atlas is Tracy Anderson's boyfriend.

Monday, March 24

  • Police are looking for Robert Atlas in connection with the murder of Tracy Anderson. According to the Star-Telegram, he is wanted for capital murder.
  • Bedford police meet with members of Robert Atlas' family regarding information about Robert Atlas and Tracy Renee Anderson.
  • Robert Atlas' sisters are worried about their brother and ask for anyone to contact them regarding information about him.
  • Police officials capture Robert Atlas sleeping in his car in a Wal-mart parking lot in Shreveport, La. He was arrested and taken into custody.
  • Robert Atlas confesses to the murder of Tracy Renee Anderson.
  • He is charged with capital murder. Presently, Atlas is awaiting extradition, according to CBS News.
  • Robert Atlas is extradited back to Texas to face charges in the murder of Tracy Anderson.

April 2

  • According to court documents,Tracy Renee Anderson crawled out of her bathroom, reached her cell phone but died before making a call. (Read details here)
Robert Atlas-Bedford, Texas
Robert Atlas-Bedford, Texas Facebook

Robert Atlas-Bedford, Texas

26-year-old Robert Atlas looks like the average clean-cut man in this photo. But police say Robert Atlas killed his live-in girlfriend Tracy Anderson. The two had been living in the apartment homes for just three weeks before he savagely killed her.

Tracy Anderson-Bedford murder
Tracy Anderson-Bedford murder Facebook

Tracy Anderson-Bedford murder

27-year-old Tracy Anderson was so excited about her pregnancy. On her Facebook page she posted: "Robert Atlas and I are super excited and expecting our first baby! My due date is May 16, 2014!!"

Tracy Renee aka Tracy Anderson stabbing death
Tracy Renee aka Tracy Anderson stabbing death Facebook

Tracy Renee aka Tracy Anderson stabbing death

What happened to Tracy Anderson? She was living with her boyfriend Robert Atlas in Bedford when she was stabbed to death on Sunday. Police have a warrant for capital murder for Robert 'Robb' Atlas.

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