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Top three household beauty secrets

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I am sure you have heard every old wives tale from family to friends growing up. Some you've probably tried, while others seemed too scary or risky. Mayonnaise does not condition your fried hair, the grease inside it coats your hair making it appear shinier and healthier but it doesn't actually make anything better. Only conditioning with a keratin and protein complex conditioner and cutting can repair or revive hair.

Lemon is not a great natural lightener. Some of you know and for those who don't, most of the time citrus leaves the hair very brassy. It doesn't have the power that the chemicals in bleach/hair lighteners have to get you Marilyn Monroe blonde. You can't get a pretty blonde out of it no matter how long you stay in the sun. But don't throw away that lemon just yet, there are other uses for it!

For those of you looking for a natural source of beauty or happen to be on an extremely tight budget, there are household items that you use in the kitchen everyday that can be used to turn your house into your own incredible spa. Here are the top three household items that can help you and your budget out.

Cucumber Eye Patch
Cucumber Eye Patch Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Cucumber Eye Patch

      Yes, instead of using those expensive eye creams that you really can't afford, cucumbers do really work well to relieve your eyes of the baggage they carry.  Plus they feel soothing, cool and it makes you have to lay down and relax for a few which in most cases helps with the baggage under the eyes too!

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Jamie Joy Malan

Coconut Oil

     Of course organic is always the best however coconut oil is amazing either way.  Not only is it amazing to cook with but it also has amazing skin benefits.  Next time you shave take this special little treat with you and you will fall in love with the results.  Stop buying those expensive shaving creams and lotions and use this as an all-in-one.  Not to mention using it as a body butter is a great idea too. 

Olive Oil and Lemon
Olive Oil and Lemon Jamie Joy Malan

Olive Oil and Lemon

     Warm a small bowl of olive oil and then squeeze a half of a lemon in.  Soak nails for 5 to 10 minutes making sure your cuticles are emerged.  This treatments will give you the healthiest cuticles and nail beds.