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Top four short summer hair cuts

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More and more women in Southwest Florida are wearing shorter hair and loving it. Rocking short hair is not always easy, and it also comes with more maintenance. Shorter hair gets out of shape quicker then long hair does, creating more trips to the hair salon. Most people get their hair cut a little shorter then normal in the summer. Many reasons are to blame, heat (especially in Southwest Florida), going on vacations, and many others. This gives them extra time to not look freshly cut right away and still make it through the vacation without looking like a woolly mammoth by the end of it. If you are cutting it shorter for heat reasons, I'm sure it feels amazing! This summer has been brutal here in Fort Myers this year. People generally tend to feel like it grows faster in the summer so sometimes it's a matter of shorter is better since it grows even quicker!

Short styles for women have evolved over the years giving women many more options to choose from. Sexier, edgier, and more sophisticated cropped hairstyles are making their way onto many female heads. Even some barbers are catering to more women as well as stylists are giving clipper cuts to many more women clients these days. Leave growing your hair out for the fall and winter and go shorter for summer. This gives you different seasonal hairstyles so that you don't wind up with the same style all the year long.

Don't forget to compliment your shorter hair cut with a new color, going lighter for summer and darker for winter. Fun blondes and strawberry blonde tones are excellent highlights for shorter cropped hair styles in summer. Maybe someone who is brunette for the winter would like to add some chunky or heavy copper highlights to lighten up there do's for summer. There are so many options.

It's not too late for you to get your hair cut short for summer. Many local salons in Fort Myers are feeling the summer blues and offer many discounts this time of year. If you don't have a stylist all ready search Groupon for a salon deal and check there website out before you buy anything. Be sure to print or save in your phone at least three photo's of the hair cut you would like the stylist to achieve. This is extremely important because stylists are artists and that means they are extremely visual people. Each individual in this world perceives every detail differently, and for them that is reality. As the stylists perception of the exact same thing is the truth for he/she, it doesn't matter if it is not the same for his/her client. So having a photograph of the final goal is a spectacular way to get what you want if it is possible for your hair type and facial shape.

Bob for summer
Bob for summer Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Bob for summer

     Spice up that old bob with a shorter stacked one this summer.  This gives you plenty of room to regrow before fall, and will get some hair off the back of your neck to cool you down. 

Short Cropped Bob
Short Cropped Bob Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for MOCA

Short Cropped Bob

     Slick back this sporty little bob out of your way to give you maximum advantage this summer.  Excellent for the active lifestyle as well as on the scene!

Cropped Hair style
Cropped Hair style Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Cropped Hair style

     This short cropped do is easy to style.  Takes little to no product and is perfect for the summer.  Wonderful for swimmers, runners and more. 

Advant Garde Cuts
Advant Garde Cuts Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Advant Garde Cuts

     Feel the breeze against your scalp this summer with this short summer cut.  Clippers are not just for men ladies, yes that's right, women can still look sexy with barber cuts.