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Top four formal hairstyles

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Whether you're going to prom, getting married or just like to wear your hair up there is an updo for you. Years ago women always wore their hair up, and would rarely be caught with it down. Back then these gorgeous long locks of hair would be molded into these incredible art forms that they wore proudly. Hair stylist's had to really work hard to create those hair do's and make them sometimes last up to a week!

Now a days you don't see many women wearing their hair in any sort of style. Most people in Southwest Florida would consider an updo to be a messy bun on the top of their head, and don't care what it looks like they just care that it's off their face and neck. However there are always those times like being in a wedding, or going to a gala or any other formal function that may require an updo. These are great times to let your spirit show with one of the following top four formal styles. Some are a bit old school but have a more modern flare, while others are geared to appeal to the younger and more modern generation. Either way you'll look fabulous and not have to worry about your hair all night.

Follow it up with some great makeup because every updo deserves it! Smokey eye, or even a natural looking eye will do great. Remember you don't want to take too much away from the hair style. If you are going to a salon to receive these services please take a picture of the dress you'll be wearing for the evening. That may help determine which hair style will flow better with your dress. Also if you are having makeup applied that will help with determine what colors to use so not to clash with the colors of your dress.

Now even though some styles are outdated they can be revamped to fit today's culture's. Every style can be recreated to fit you and your personality. So if there is something you like that's from the 50's your stylist should be able to put a modern twist on it.

Top Knot
Top Knot Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Top Knot

     The Top Knot is always a favorite.  It looks young, cute and fun on any person no matter the age.  Great for the office, the club, or the beach you'll be sure to get attention where ever you go in the style!

Knotted Chignon
Knotted Chignon Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Knotted Chignon

     This classic formal style never gets old.  It always looks elegant and has many varieties to fit any lifestyle.  Great for weddings, formal functions, or even just a night out on the town. 

The Beehive
The Beehive Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

The Beehive

    Always an oldie but goodie!  Since retro's in now's the time to go for those classic looks our mom's used to have.  Get out those teasing combs lady's and dust them off!  If you have really fine hair this is not for you however you can look into wiglet's and clip in extensions to help beef up your own for this particular updo.  This style is great for going out dancing, and everyday. 

Modern Formal Style
Modern Formal Style Sergi Alexander

Modern Formal Style

     This style is much more intricate then the others but still easy to achieve.  The braids give it a more modern appeal while the front miniature beehive is obviously stolen from the more classic time period.  Great for the club, bars, and more.