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Top five cat friendly countries in the world

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Japan (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)


One of the most cat-friendly places on the map has to be the little country of Japan.

First of all, there are around 100 cat cafes located in Japan, where animal-lovers pay good money to drink coffee and play with a cat, at special establishments where the cat is the main entertainment. 

As well, Japan is home to two islands dedicated especially to felines, and called, "cat island." These are places where cats abound, and roam freely on the streets. 

Not surprisingly, Japan is also on the forefront of kitty housing, with a special line of houses designed especially to be more cat friendly, including built-in cat towers and materials that are more resistant to cat scratching. 

Israel By Guillaume Paumier [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Visitors to Israel cannot help but notice the abundance of cats to be seen everywhere. Cats seem to be part of the landscape, and Israeli are known for  cat-friendly polices, including a by-law, passed in 2011, that forbids the declawing of cats, because it is considered cruel to the animals. 

The number of cats in Israel is estimated to be around 2 million, which works out to be about 25% of the human population. Many people can be seen feeding the feral animals, and visitors to the nation cannot help but notice their presence everywhere, including the garbage cans in the back alleys of Israel. 

Italy (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)


Italy is another place that could be considered a haven for cat lovers. Visitors to the capital city of Rome are amazed to see that cats roam freely, in colonies, among the ruins and ancient monuments. 

One of the most famous cat sancutaries is called the de Largo Argentina. This historic Roman temple is home to over 200 cats. Visitors are free to feed the animals, and a dedicated staff of volunteers watch the cat population carefully, providing care to the stray kitties. 

There has been a recent attempt to shut down the outdoor shelter, but thousands have signed petitions and the Superintendent of Culture declared cats to be part of Roman culture.

Turkey Photo by bitmask, via Flickr,


Turkey is another country of cat lovers, where cats roam freely, and are given great respect. In fact, cats are so much considered part of the culture that President Obama was seen petting a cat on his visit to Turkey. 

Instanbul, the capital of Turkey, is especially well-known for its stray cat population, and residents can often be seen feeding the felines

England Peter Whatley [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The last cat-friendly we will look at is England. A recent (2011) study conducted with U.K. residents showed that around 20% of the population owned a cat. 

The fondness that the British have for cats is also demonstrated in the recent opening of a cat cafe in London, modeled after the establishments found in Japan. 

Finally, cats are allowed to run freely in England, and animal cruelty, including testing of animals, is strictly forbidden.