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Top 5 Reasons Divinity: Original Sin Should Be On Your Radar

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Divinity: Original Sin is a relatively new RPG that was funded by Kickstarter backers and has been released on Steam Early Access. The game in it's current state is Alpha. Be acknowledged that if you think this preview is enough to get you hooked to buy the game, you must be willing to encounter glitches and unresponsive gameplay. Always make sure you let the developers know about the problems you encounter in the game so they can be fixed or changed. This is the purpose of Early Access, beta and alpha testing. The viewpoints expressed in this preview list are based on my impressions during the Alpha stage of the game and details could change upon further patches for the game. Here are my Five Reasons to Keep Divinity: Original Sin on Your Radar.

Experience What Other People Paid For
Experience What Other People Paid For Larian Studios

Experience What Other People Paid For

For some of you that do not know. Original Sin is funded by the gamers. Yes folks, this is a Kickstarter game but don't expect some bad fallout like with Broken Age or Citadels. This game may be progressing slowly, but it is progressing nonetheless. While Early Access is a great place to be for this game right now, anything you play in the current version could change in the final product.

Cooperative Play in a Turn-Based RPG
Cooperative Play in a Turn-Based RPG Larian Studios

Cooperative Play in a Turn-Based RPG

Original Sin has two characters for you to develop. When you play Co-Op you choose one and your partner gets the other. You can create them in tandem and work together, or attempt to go your own ways and hope you manage to complete the objective. I have always wanted to play games like this with another person. Games like XCOM Enemy Unknown have great multiplayer but sadly only have a PvP option.

Lore to Discover
Lore to Discover Larian Studios

Lore to Discover

The Divinity series is expansive and positively filled with lore to discover. You will see familiar stories or brand new ones to immerse yourself into. While the Divinity series has been sort of a hit and miss with fans, Original Sin looks to be the game that brings all the fans together. More than one story will be told with this game.

Modder Friendly
Modder Friendly Larian Studios

Modder Friendly

Upon opening the game you see an option for mods. This game appears to be modder friendly so users will be able to create their own adventures and share them among other Steam users. This opens up opportunities for many people in the community. After all, modding has been working really well for games like Skyrim and Shadowrun.

Fresh Original Game Design
Fresh Original Game Design Larian Studios

Fresh Original Game Design

What I mean by this is that Divinity Original Sin adopts new kinds of gameplay mechanics that you rarely see together and it creates a unique experience. With top down viewpoints akin to dungeon crawler action RPG games with the turn based tabletop strategy. You move around the world, interacting with people and object ala Diablo/Torchlight/Champions of Norrath. When you get in range of someone who wants to fight, the mode switched to a pseudo-grid based strategy game similar to Omerta: City of Gangsters or XCOM. From there the combat is determined by who has the highest speed stat and you use AP to move/attack. The combination of these two game types works well, even for it being in alpha stage.


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