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Top 5 products that will save your relationship

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Relationships and dating are seemingly about love and loving that person unconditionally. But the thing is, no matter how much you love someone, they are bound to have a few annoying little quirks and idiosyncrasies that will inevitably annoy you. But because you love them so much, you will smile, roll your eyes, and let it go. But there are a few products you can buy to try to rectify the situation. You don't necessarily have to live with some of the annoyances. Here are five products that very well may save your relationship and/or dating life.

What do you think? Have any of these products saved your relationship? What would you add to the list?

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(This is not a paid endorsement for any of the products mentioned.)

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Listerine strips
Listerine strips Google images

Listerine strips

No matter how much you like someone, if they have bad breath, it can really ruin a date. Dating typically requires close-talking so there's no getting around breath. Morning breath is one thing. We all have morning breath. But bad breath on the regular and in the middle of the day is quite another. It can really be a turn-off. You don't want to be the one with bad breath. So when you're headed out on your next date, be sure to grab some Listerine strips to pop in. It melts in your mouth so you don't have to wait around to be done with it like you do with mints or gum.



One of the most awkward things in a new relationship is going to the bathroom. Finally using the bathroom within a 50 mile radius is a huge milestone in a relationship. But blowing up the bathroom with your significant other in the same house never gets easy. Air fresheners and candles just mask the smell, but Poopouri leaves absolutely no trace of odor. And if your man thinks Poopouri is too feminine for him, they have Royal Flush for men!

Beathe Right nasal strips
Beathe Right nasal strips Google images

Beathe Right nasal strips

If your sweet-honey-love-muffin is "callin' the hogs" at night, you're probably having a hard time getting a good night's sleep. And even though you know it's technically not their fault, you can't help but blame them for keeping you up all night. But you don't have to live like this. You can sleep peacefully and so can they. Just grab some Breathe Right nasal strips so you can both catch some Zzzzs.

Sleep Number bed
Sleep Number bed Google images

Sleep Number bed

After working so hard to find "The One", you may find out that regardless of how compatible you may be in other aspects, you may not be so compatible in bed. He's hot, she's cold. You like a firm mattress, they like a soft mattress. But before you jump the gun and get separate bedrooms or switch to twin beds, try just switching your mattress! With a Sleep Number bed you can each have your own settings and you can both have a good night's sleep.

GPS navigation
GPS navigation Google images

GPS navigation

Before GPS navigation became mainstream, couples were left to use maps and actually read signs! They had to communicate and try to figure how to get where they were going on their own, without a robotic voice guiding their every turn. Going on dates were difficult, but road trips were nearly impossible. Some couples were at the brink of breaking up because of fights over directions. But now, with GPS, some of that stress has gone away. But be sure to buy an actual GPS, don't just rely on the one on your phone!



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