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Top 5 list of sex positions women love

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There are many sex positions available that you can have, but there are few women's favorite sex positions. For you to achieve in making your girl enjoy sex more you need to do some research and know exactly which sex position your lover enjoys more. Different women may have their own preferences when it comes to sex hence you need to talk and know which one she prefers. Before you decide to discuss about the best sex position to have it is always necessary to experiment different positions available so that you will be able to decide on one. This will require you to practice different sex positions available which many women like. The following are 5 women's favorite sex positions that you can try to drive your girl crazy during sex:

Doggy style
Doggy style shutterstock

Doggy style

This is one of the best sex positions that women enjoy. Apart from the position being popular in many women the position leads to maximum arousal for men during sex. This position can lead you and your lover enjoy more sex with pleasure and intimacy. The style is simple and can assure you great comfort while having sex. Doggy style can be applied in different places in case you will feel like in a certain time you will like to have sex out of your bedroom. The style is easy to achieve because it does not expose you to too much strain when having sex.

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Missionary position
Missionary position shutterstock

Missionary position

This is also known as man on woman position. It is sometimes assumed to be boring but all great sex begins with this position. Most women like the missionary position. The position allows eye contact between the partners. This makes sex more intimate through the eye contact. For you to enjoy sex you should try and have this type of sex with your lover. The style is among the best and easiest positions that you can enjoy with your lover. Missionary position is among the styles that are preferred by many people. Irrespective of your level of energy with missionary position you will easily achieve great sex.

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Cowgirl style
Cowgirl style shutterstock

Cowgirl style

Due to the fact that women like riding during sex this is the type of sex position that will make your girl enjoy sex with you. There are times where women will like to dominate men during sex. After you resort to have this type of sex you will really enjoy your intercourse. During this sex position women will have a chance to go forth and back which will lead to stimulation of their G-spot for a greater orgasm. You can also decide to make cowgirl position one of women's favorite sex positions by trying to help your girl during the ride. The sex position also makes men feel good during sex. In case you will like to achieve the best sex position which will make your girl appear sexiest then you should try this sex position.

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Spoons position
Spoons position shutterstock

Spoons position

This is a sex position that will have you and your partner facing away from each other. It is among the most comfortable sex positions that you can ever have with your partner. In case you are that kind of a person who lasts for some minutes in bed then this is the type of sex position that you should have. The position will make you last longer in bed for your girl to appreciate you. The position will allow you have dirty talks while having the great sex. The position will also allow the person behind a great view, while the one in front relaxes in the love making session. It is among the sex positions that women will prefer while you are starting to get intimate while in bed.

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The standing position
The standing position shutterstock

The standing position

There are times when women will like to jump out of bed and still continue enjoying sex. This is the type of sex position that will lead you to making your girl enjoy sex while standing. This position leads to a girl hitting her G-spot which will impact positively on your overall performance where you will make your lover enjoy it more. This position can allow you have sex not only in your bedroom but also in your kitchen or at the bathroom where you will like to have it. Most women like this position due to the great freedoms that it will allow both of you to participate.

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