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Top 5 innovations we would like to see in the next 'South Park' game

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Ubisoft's South Park: The Stick of Truth has been a large success. People who normally do not play video games, who are fans of the show, have forked out the dough to make sure they are a part of the quest to be "cool". While not a ridiculous long or deep game, there was more than enough substance to keep fans interested. A good equivalent to The Stick of Truth would be Far Cry: Blood Dragon, as it was somewhat deep and allowed for about the same amount of play time. A sequel to Blood Dragon would be fantastic, as a second South Park game would be. However, there are things that could be easily implemented to improve the experience. Here is our list of the top five things we would like to see in the next South Park video game, if there is one.

Ability to Choose a Female
Ability to Choose a Female Ubisoft

Ability to Choose a Female

Yes, the game does revolve around playing with the boys, but that was simply this game. Any females that wanted to partake in creating a character could not really create themselves. This needs to be an option in the second game. If the story needs deviating, so be it. However, if there's a mention that the female would be treated like a boy for the sake of the main story, Parker and Stone could probably get away with it.

Be able to choose factions immediately
Be able to choose factions immediately Ubisoft

Be able to choose factions immediately

There is a point in The Stick of Truth where you can choose to stay with Cartman, or side with Kyle and the Elves. The story will most likely be different if and when there is a new game, but the option to choose sides and deviate the story would add a good bit of depth to that game.

Inputting your face to your character
Inputting your face to your character Ubisoft

Inputting your face to your character

The fact that David Hasselhoff's face can be used in the game should allow people to crop a picture of their face and use it in the game. Creating characters is a great part of The Stick of Truth, but imagine having a goofy pic of your face (possibly with the ability to upload a few different pics to show emotions) in the game? This would certainly add to the next game (or expansion).

Crafting items
Crafting items Ubisoft

Crafting items

There is enough looting and item collecting in The Stick of Truth that really amounts to nothing. New weapons and gear can be purchased, but if you notice the weapons, a good bit of them are a bunch of items glued together. Why not have the option to take that glass shard you have and add it to a baseball bat with a fire patch on it? Being able to craft weapons and gear would make a huge impact in replayability in the next game.

Custom figures
Custom figures Ubisoft

Custom figures

While this is not directly related to the game, there is a company that sells figures for The Stick of Truth. I think most people could get be behind the idea of submitting their character to a company and having a figure made. Somebody needs to jump on this, because the idea of having my own figure sounds great (besides Hasselhoff).


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