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Top 5 games of 2012

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With the next-gen consoles looking more and more like they are coming out in the winter, 2012 may be the last year the current batch of consoles get to show off by themselves. Which games took full advantage? 2012 is safety behind us, so it's time to take a look back at the best games of the preceding year.

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Honorable mention:

Spec Ops: The Line (PC/PS3/X360)
Walking Dead: The Game (PC/PS3/X360)
Borderlands 2 (PC/PS3/X360)
Fez (XBLA)
Sleeping Dogs (PC/PS3/X360)

#5 Mass Effect 3 (PC/PS3/X360)
#5 Mass Effect 3 (PC/PS3/X360)

#5 Mass Effect 3 (PC/PS3/X360)

An epic exclamation point to an incredible trilogy of games,  Mass Effect 3 started the year off right. Bioware ran a clinic in interactive storytelling, dialogue writing, and cut scene direction with this game. The characters feel real, the cutscenes are so exciting they'll give you a seizure, and the choices you make really matter, kinda. See, Bioware got in some trouble with the ending of this game. It's not so much that it was too artsy, it just didn't make much sense. In addition, the choices you made throughout the trilogy pertained to the fate of the various races it the Mass Effect universe, only problem is, the original ending didn't show you any of it. There was an extended cut that was much better, but the rushed original ending kept Mass Effect 3 from being higher on the list.

#4 Dishonored (PC/PS3/X360)
#4 Dishonored (PC/PS3/X360)

#4 Dishonored (PC/PS3/X360)

This game kinda came out of nowhere, but sometimes the quietest kid in the class is the smartest. That really is the best way to describe Dishonored, smart. The story is tight and intriguing, the steampunk setting is very original, and the gameplay... oh man the gameplay. Any game that lets you emotionally terrorize your enemies is alright by me. Dishonored was a welcome surprise, definitely one of the year's best.

#3 Far Cry 3 (PC/PS3/X360)
#3 Far Cry 3 (PC/PS3/X360)

#3 Far Cry 3 (PC/PS3/X360)

A lot of games claim to have “huge open worlds” that let you “play your way”, but Far Cry 3 actually delivers. Rook Island is an absolutely gorgeous setting, with wide open spaces begging to be explored. Far Cry 3 also gives you the option to take on the island various inhabitants either with brute force or stealth. This usually means the gameplay is cluttered and unfocused, but both systems work fluidly together. It may not be the most subtle game ever made, but its definitely one of the most visceral. A premiere release for 2012.

#2 Journey (PSN)
#2 Journey (PSN)

#2 Journey (PSN)

There's not much that can be said for this game other then go get it right now. Journey is a perfect example of how to tell story through gameplay. All you can do in this game is jump, walk, and sing, but somehow it's more immersive then any Call of Duty game to date.  It doesn't hurt that Journey has some of the most beautiful graphics and music of any game this generation. Check it out.

#1 XCOM : Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/X360)
#1 XCOM : Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/X360)

#1 XCOM : Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/X360)

This is how you reboot a series. The last XCOM game came out over ten years ago, and all anyone remembers about those games is that they were hard as hell. You are tasked with repelling an alien invasion, and you have the world's best soldiers, scientists and engineers at your disposal.   You alternate between managing your base, and controlling a squad of commandos in the field. Both modes reinforce each other perfectly, and are a lot of fun to play, even if it is hard as hell. The story is pretty great too, a perfect mash up of alien invasion tropes. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is almost without flaw, and it's the best game of 2012.



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