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Top 5 Game predictions for E3 2014

What will be the Top 5 E3 Moments of 2014?
What will be the Top 5 E3 Moments of 2014?

Each year the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) offers us the best of the best of upcoming games, and each year we wait and watch with high expectations on what the game developers and publishing companies have in store for us.

Throughout the years there have always been leaks about potential announcements, as well as certain trends that we have become used to.

With less than 10 weeks till this great event, here's a list of the top 5 predicted announcements that will keep us all eagerly awaiting launch dates!

Assasins Creed: Unity
Assasins Creed: Unity Ubisoft

Assasins Creed: Unity

Assassin's Creed is one of those franchises that just seem to get better year by year!

This year will be no different with the already teased at setting of their newest title, "Unity", that seemingly takes place in 18th century France.

A logo with the phrase "Unity is strength" has been floating around the web recently that should imply that we hopefully get to battle our way around the french revolution, one of France's most crucial part of history.

The only downside of France in this era, is that the Eiffel Tower wasn't built yet, meaning no epic climbs or falls.

Either way Assassin's Creed: Unity, doesn't look like it will disappoint, and can't wait for more info during E3!

Halo 5
Halo 5 Microsoft

Halo 5

With the new release of the Xbox One, I think a lot of people are anxiously awaiting a higher graphic, more detailed version of an exclusive the world loves.

I am of course speaking about Halo 5.

We know that the Halo franchise is currently in the process of creating higher quality "anniversary" editions of their older titles.

But rumors have also already started about Halo 5.

Only time will tell, but the Xbox community is ready!

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4 Sony / Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4

With the new generation of consoles out for the first year, PlayStation will want to show off an exclusive of their own.

Uncharted is a very popular franchise that would be widely accepted by the community!

Graphics on the PS3 were already stunning and immersed the player into the game, now imagine what the PS4 will do!

A teaser trailer of the game has been released recently, so the game is definitely in production and planned for release.

Call of Duty: Sledgehammer Games
Call of Duty: Sledgehammer Games Activision / Sledgehammer Games

Call of Duty: Sledgehammer Games

Call of Duty has become a franchise we have become accustomed to seeing each year at E3 and beyond.

This year will be no different, and with Sledgehammer Games taking control, we have no idea what to expect!

Will we be seeing a continuation in the Modern Warfare series, or will we be exploring something entirely new?

It's hard to tell at this stage, however we do know one thing, that E3 will reveal some long awaited questions!

Destiny Activision


Destiny is a new game by Bungie, that may remind you a little of Halo due to it's futuristic space combat, and spartan-esque suits, however don't be fooled.

This game has taken the best of all kinds of games and put them all into one.

Customizable characters, extensive number of weapons and powers, and a very MMO oriented play style which allows you to trade, party and even craft.

Destiny already has a release date for September, so we already know quite some things about the game, however we still expect some hidden major announcements at E3 to really plug the game!

Either way, this is definitely one of those games to keep an eye on!

What Do You Want To See At E3?
What Do You Want To See At E3? Personal

What Do You Want To See At E3?

We know there will be a lot of announcements at E3 this year, and that some will really blow our minds!

Leave me a comment on which announcements you are most looking forward to, or what you wish would be announced this year!

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