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Top 5 fab expectations of film screening hosted by UFTA (Photos)

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On April 2, 2014, the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) announced their expectations of the upcoming film screening of "Casting." The group will host the event at their next meeting on April 14 in Fort Myers, Fla.

The "Top 5" listing is below, and even though the event's exact location is not known yet, guests are to pencil in the date!

"One of the goals of UFTA is to educate the public and membership to concerns facing artists and other production crafts personnel, associated with the film, television, video, broadcast, recording, and theater products in the State of Florida." - UFTA

UFTA President Al Quinn said UFTA members have been working hard on this film project. Al, how long has it been?

"We've been planning to do a film project for several years. When we decided on what kind of film to shoot we began more intense planning in early 2013. A couple of those plans included a script and shoot locations. Our main location was Protocol Models on the Gulf in Naples. We began shooting in Feb. 2014, and the film's been in the editing stage ever since, with its screening next!"

What kind of night do you expect at the screening?

"I think I can speak for everyone when I say this event should be a full house and fun to boot! Our main goal right now is to view the film, our baby so to speak, for the first time. Maybe we plan for another film viewing event in the future. Thanks goes to the film's director of photography and editor Ernesto Lasso de la Vega. He, along with the rest of the cast and crew, has worked very hard on this project."

Do you have other plans for this film?

"Now-a-days the thing to do in promoting anything is to go viral. We have already gone online and spoken to various media sources - locally, nationally and even internationally!

In so doing, in addition to interviews, we've also been part of a TV show out of the UK. The show, "In The Spotlight" with Burton TV News, has asked us back, so we will talk about UFTA and our film with their presenter, Si Astbury."

What kind of future event, or future, do you see for "Casting?"

"With all the hard work that has gone into this film we don't want to see it just sit on the shelf. The goal for this short initially was to be used as an educational tool. It is to help new and seasoned UFTA members, as "Casting" is about the dos and don'ts of a film or TV casting.

Most importantly, now and in the future, is to promote this film, and thus UFTA as well. One way to do that is by submitting the film as much as possible to film festivals."

Thank you Al Quinn for sharing about this film.

According to Quinn it looks like one of UFTA's goals is to submit to a film festival. That might not be too difficult, as they have a few fests near their own city, and Fort Myers Film Festival (FMff) is one of them.

The top five UFTA film screening expectations are to promote the film, promote UFTA, refreshments, the meeting and viewing film plus to network and discuss film to film festivals.

UFTA Logo Image courtesy of UFTA, used with permission


UFTA stands for United Film & Television Artists, Inc., and it is a non-profit organization that supports the entertainment industry.

UFTA meets every second Monday of each month either in Fort Myers or Naples, Fla.

UFTA President Al Quinn
UFTA President Al Quinn Photo courtesy of Al Quinn, used with permission

UFTA President Al Quinn

Al Quinn is the president of UFTA. He strongly supports the organization, and is one of its founders.

UFTA supports aa strong, healthy and profitable production industry in the State of Florida, it is strongly recommended and encouraged that any person, firm, corporation, guild, union or collective bargaining agent engaged in the motion picture, television, video, broadcast, recording industries, or in any business or occupation directly or indirectly related thereto, shall be eligible for membership in the appropriate category of this organization.

Shivani Patel on film set
Shivani Patel on film set Photo: Courtesy

Shivani Patel on film set

Here UFTA member Shivani Patel is on film set. She has a role in the film, and she portrays one of two bickering sisters. The film is called "Casting."

She, as Nina Singh, and her "sister" pull off their scenes well!

Working on set
Working on set Photo: Courtesy

Working on set

Working on set is Shivani and Pooja Patel. They play the Singh sisters in the film "Casting."

UFTA produced the film. Al Quinn is the UFTA president. The film was shot at Protocol Models on the Gulf in Naples, Fla.

Scene in "Casting"
Scene in "Casting" Photo: Courtesy

Scene in "Casting"

Talent in scene of "Casting" are, beginning at left are Benjamin Jacob, Geri Muck (in hood), Ernesto Lasso de la Vega, Margaret Bishop (seated) and Joe Reyes. Rick Vorell is at far right.

This was shot on location at Protocol Models on the Gulf.

"Casting" cast member
"Casting" cast member Photo: Courtesy

"Casting" cast member

Here is Griffen Olney, a UFTA member as well as a cast member in the film "Casting."

Olney portrayed a nervous sort of guy, Red, during the casting, and he pulled it off wonderfully!

On set of "Casting"
On set of "Casting" Photo: Courtesy

On set of "Casting"

Another of UFTA goals is to...

improve business and working conditions which benefit the entire industry of artists and other production crafts personnel, associated with the film, television, video, broadcast, recording, and theater products in the State of Florida.

Steve Barnett
Steve Barnett Photo: Courtesy

Steve Barnett

UFTA member Steve Barnett is multi-talented. He is a harp builder, musician, actor, voice artist, and was in the film "Casting."

Learn more about Steve at "Musician and harp builder Steve Barnett."

Smiles from UFTA members
Smiles from UFTA members Photo: Courtesy

Smiles from UFTA members

All smiles from UFTA member and officer Geri Muck with UFTA member Judy Davis.

Both gals had roles in the film "Casting." Geri Muck is owner of Protocol Models on the Gulf, and that was one of the main locations for the shooting of the film "Casting."

On set of "Casting" at Protocol
On set of "Casting" at Protocol Photo: Courtesy

On set of "Casting" at Protocol

Here on set of the film "Casting," produced by UFTA, are seated Judy Davis, Al Quinn, Ernesto Lasso de la Vega, Adam Moody and up front casting is Cassidy Reyes as Cassie Reynolds.

Model and actor Rick Vorell
Model and actor Rick Vorell Photo courtesy of Rick Vorell, used with permission

Model and actor Rick Vorell

Rick Vorell is an actor and model whose image and voice will be heard quite a bit in the film "Casting."

Rick portrayed the director in the film by the name of Michael May, and his acting skills shown brightly!

UFTA officers at UFTA workshop
UFTA officers at UFTA workshop Photo: Courtesy

UFTA officers at UFTA workshop

Here are Carrie Belluso and Al Quinn in attendance at a UFTA workshop in early 2013.

During this time UFTA was making plans for the film "Casting."

Ernesto Lasso de la Vega
Ernesto Lasso de la Vega Photo: Courtesy

Ernesto Lasso de la Vega

UFTA member Ernesto Lasso de la Vega is the director of photography (DP) for the film "Casting."

"Casting" is not his first film. Learn about about him and his work at other articles and videos.

UFTA member Cynthia S. Bercowetz
UFTA member Cynthia S. Bercowetz Photo: Courtesy

UFTA member Cynthia S. Bercowetz

Author and actress Cynthia S. Bercowetz is a UFTA member and film cast member as well. She played Mrs. Murray in the film.

UFTA supports the enactment of laws which advance the common interests of the crafts personnel, associated with the film, television, video, broadcast, recording, and theater products in the State of Florida.

UFTA member Larry D. Murphy
UFTA member Larry D. Murphy Photo: Courtesy

UFTA member Larry D. Murphy

Actor Larry D. Murphy is a UFTA member. Larry has been in a variety of film and TV projects for the past years. He has traveled to many shoot locations practicing his acting craft.

Larry D. Murphy has also been an active UFTA member since the beginning and an asset to the group as well.

Keith Wallace
Keith Wallace Photo courtesy of Keith Wallace, used with permission

Keith Wallace

Actor and model Keith Wallace has been a guest of UFTA.

UFTA assists and collaborates with all other organizations and/or agencies desirous of achieving these purposes.


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