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Top 5 Blue prerelease cards from 'Journey Into Nyx'

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"Journey Into Nyx" will be the newest "Magic: The Gathering" expansion made for release on May 2. However, this weekend, April 26-27, local gaming stores will be holding prerelease tournaments which will be a Sealed event.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sealed events, players will receive two "Theros" booster packs, 1 "Born of the Gods" booster, 2 "Journey Into Nyx" boosters, and 1 seeded booster pack. These are the cards you'll get to play with, and, of course, you'll also get a spin-down die and some other reading material.

With this in mind, Boston Games Examiner has put together a top five list of cards you should keep an eye for in your "Journey Into Nyx" booster that may give you some help. This list originally started out as an overall list. However, it quickly became apparent that each color had a lot to offer. Therefore, there is a list for each color.

We're not claiming to be experts here. If you have a different opinion, then don't be shy. Leave a comment below.

For now, here is the top five blue cards for the "Journey Into Nyx" prerelease....

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Honorable Mention: Hubris
Honorable Mention: Hubris Wizards of the Coast

Honorable Mention: Hubris

It was hard to not list this card some way or another. Therefore we made an honorable mention position. Being able to bounce that once creature and anything attached to it is always a nice move in Limited. It's a nice trick, but just misses the list by inches, if inches existed on this list. 

5. Hypnotic Siren
5. Hypnotic Siren Wizards of the Coast

5. Hypnotic Siren

A 1/1 flyer for one casting cost is okay. It can be really annoying in the beginning, but a player can eventually overcome this kind of problem. What is nice about this card is its ability to take control of another creature your opponent may control. It also adds a buff and gives that creature flying. Both effects that could turn the tide of the game. However, it's a little expensive. That's why it makes our list, but at number five. 

4. Hour of Need
4. Hour of Need Wizards of the Coast

4. Hour of Need

Hour of Need is a neat combat trick. In the latter parts of the game, it has the potential to win the game for someone. Tack on the fact that it's an instant, and this card is a winner. You also are getting a little bit more than what you paid for with a 4/4 flyer for only three mana. Granted you have to remove a creature from the game to cast this spell, you could be trading one of your vanilla 1/1's for a big 4/4 that flies. It also can remove your opponent's god, if they control one. Let's face it, you may want to deal with a 4/4 flyer than an indestructible god given the circumstances. 

3. Riptide Chimera
3. Riptide Chimera Wizards of the Coast

3. Riptide Chimera

This is another one of those cases where you get more bang for your buck. A 3/4 flyer for only three mana is really nice. Even it's "drawback" is managable. It may even help if you have anything with the constellation effect. The worst case scenario with this creature is you have a 3/4 flying wall that you need to bounce and recast on your turn. 

2. Polymorphous Rush
2. Polymorphous Rush Wizards of the Coast

2. Polymorphous Rush

This is one of those cards you hold until the very end. When you do cast it, it usually means your going to win the game. Strive is an interesting mechanic and this may be a card you don't cast right away. You'll want to build up enough mana to cast this spell on as many creatures as you own. Make sure you pick something really, really big to copy. 

1. Scourge of Fleets
1. Scourge of Fleets Wizards of the Coast

1. Scourge of Fleets

A player may not need many islands to make this very effective. Still, having three or four islands, and that will bounce quite a number of creatures in Limited. Standing at 6/6, this creature could spell a potential problem for the person on the other side of this big guy. At seven mana, this is a lot to cast, but, in the end, it will definitely be worth it. 


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