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Top 3 affordable restaurants in Riverside

Delia's Grinders located in Riverside California, on university Ave.
Jazmine Joyner

Finding a lip-smacking good meal is hard sometimes on a budget. Most of us turn to the big chains for something quick to fill us up. But Riverside has some delicious alternatives for the hungry budget conscious customer, who is bored with the same old same old; from a little soup and sandwich spot in downtown, to a Thai restaurant, and an Asian-Mexican fusion dream. This list will show you that you can get more flavors for your buck in this city.

1. Bann Thai located on Brockton Avenue

Their lunch specials are priced in the $6 to $7 range. With curries, traditional noodle dishes, and vegetarian options the menu is vast. The cozy restaurant makes you feel at home with its great service and warm inviting atmosphere.

With short wait times you can choose to dine-in the restaurant. Or order out, and enjoy it from the comfort of home. To check out more about this restaurant visit their website

2. Red Hot Kitchen located on University Avenue.

This Asian Mexican fusion restaurant has mouth-watering recipes. The Korean beef burritos priced at $5.74. The meat, cooked perfectly, was juicy, sweet, and spicy. Mixed with rice and a bit of lettuce, this burrito was enormous. But the flavor isn’t lost in the size, or in any of their other dishes.

Their menu’s favorites feature beef bowls, a Kimchi Quesadilla, Chimichangas, and a salad Bi-bim-bop. All this amazing food is available for take-out. But you can also eat in, and have a seat in one of their comfortable red booths and chow down. For more about this restaurant visit their website

3. Delia’s Grinders located on University Ave

They specialize in down right delicious sandwiches. For the half size the price is $5.09 and a whole size sandwich is $5.99. From their D’classic cold grinders like the Roast Beef or the Turkey Pastrami.

To the D’classic hot grinders featuring the BBQ Beef, and the Meatball, you can’t go wrong here. With a large menu Delia’s can accommodate any craving, to check it out go to their website at

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