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top 10 things for vegans to do in the summer


Slather on the vegan sunscreen and check out the top 10 things to do this summer.




Warm beverages are not for Summer. Vegans are
juicing and there are many cool spots (pun intended)
to get your juicing on.

Earth Bar
In West Hollywood Earthbar is a major part of the juice craze.
They cold press organic only produce to create their health filled drinks.
Their jucies are low-glycemic, low-calorie and are low in sugar. They use very
exotic ingredients for maximum quality such as sacha inchi protein, yacon syrup, and
maca. For Ginger and Lemon they use a masticating juicer to squeeze out all the health
benefits and flavors. For more information and locations please visit the official Earthbar

Kreation Juice

Kreation Juice has a mission: To provide healthy and delicious drinks that invigorate minds and bodies in Los Angeles.
Their juicery creates "Pressed Juice" made with 100% organic produce from the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. Their locations
are as vast as their menu options offering locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach and Malibu.
Be on the look out for the Kreation Juice truck to get the same quality health beverages and to join the jucing bandwagon.
For additional info and to keep up with Kreation Juice's food truck visit
Shred Juice

Surfer themed Shred Juice will have you bikini ready in no time with their cold pressed juices. The menu options are some of the most
creatively named keeping up with California laid back coolness and Surfer slang. Compared to many other juiceries their cleanses are inexpensive
and contain a lot more ingredients than most. They incorporate celery, romaine, cucumber,spinach, kale, parsley, apple, lemon, strawberry, organge,
pineapple, purified water, lemon, honey, cayenne, apple , pear and ginger into their cleanses. A level 1 cleanse is only $37 and a level 2 comes to $45.
Shred Juice will not empty your wallet and will fill you with a plethora of essential vitamis and minerals.
For additional information and to see the extensive Juice and food menu check it out:

Vegan BBQ
Vegan BBQ

Vegan BBQ

9. Vegan BBQ

Who knew Vegans can Barbecue too? Just because you forgoe meat doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the summer barbecue. Here are some cool summer blogs
with delicious recipes perfect for the summer:

Oh She Glows wrtten by Angela Liddon author of the New York Times Bestseller entitled The Oh She Glows Cookbook featuring over 100 plant based vegan recipes. Here
you can scope out her top recipe picks of the summer.

Peta dishes up some of the best traditional summer recipes veganized !

Summer Barbecue sauce recipe straight from Vegetarian Times magazine:

Pool Parties
Pool Parties 123rf.comj

Pool Parties

8. Pool Parties

Just like anyone else Vegans need a quick dip in the pool with friends. Create your own vegan themed pool party with these delicious and fun vegan pool party ideas:

Host your own pool party or join one through where you can make new vegan friends

Vegan cocktails make for a great poolside drink that isn't just water. Great cocktail recipes by VegNews

Don't forget your vegan sunscreen and vegan bikini. Chill with veganmainstreams vegan summer wear guide

Festivals yearofthedurian


7. Festivals

Its hot everywhere but doesnt stop you for being outside and enjoying the vitamin D filled sun rays. Enjoy the warm weather at these festivals

Summer Camp
Summer Camp David McNew/Getty Images

Summer Camp

6. Summer Camp

Summer camp for vegan adults or vegan children

VegNews does a complete article on vegan, gluten-free, allergen free summer camps for children

Local Vegan camp for kids



5. Spirits

After a hot day of tending to your garden and mowing the lawn you deserve to kick back and enjoy a beer fortunately for Vegans they many vegan beers and bars to
choose from.

Barnivore maintains a comprehensive list of vegan beers ales, wines and liquors! Also they give a listing of vegan and vegan friendly pubs.

There's an app for that whether you are using an android, ipad or ipod you can easily maintain your vegan buzz with these apps detailing all the info you need for
vegan spirits

Plant Food For People Pop up at Johnny's Bar in Highland Park access the details here

Hiking Sean Gallup/Getty Images


4. Hiking

Hiking is a healthy and fun social activity check out these picks for the ultimate vegan hiking experience

To fuel your hike take a look at these vegan energy bars:

Vegan hiking shoes with the environment in mind

Cruelty free advice for hiking your trail

Movies Oli Scarff/Getty Images


3. Movies

Whether at home in the theatre or outside you don't have to compromise your Vegan ways to enjoy the show.

VegNews offers its top 10 vegan movie picks for adults and children that can easily be found on Netflix

Vegan Cuts blog identifies all the ways to maintain your veganess while at the movies

Bring a picnic or enjoy vegan food truck offerings at these fun outdoor movie venues



2. Art

Check out a vegan art exhibit, shop online for vegan art from around the globe, create your own art or become a vegan work of art through tattoos!

The Museum of Animals showcases art peices reflecting the companionship and bonds between animals and humans

Chemical free vegan Paint by Unearthed Paints

Monocle is a 100% vegan tattoo shop in Los Angeles

Protests and Animal Sanctuaries
Protests and Animal Sanctuaries

Protests and Animal Sanctuaries

1. Protests and Animal Sanctuaries

Animal Rights activists and advocates leaflet at a plethora of different functions to further the cause to protect and save animals. Here is a list of some of the
more recent events and protests to join in the summer

Mercy For Animals conducts meetings, protests and gatherings.

No Kill Los Angeles is an animal wellfare organization to prevent animals from being killed in
shelters they are led by the Best Friends Animal Society and are constantly holding events to save animals.

Visiting a santuary can be a fun learning experience and donations provide food, medicine, and protection.

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