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Top 10 Miranda Lambert songs for your country music playlist

Top 10 Miranda Lambert songs for your country music playlist
Top 10 Miranda Lambert songs for your country music playlist
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Country superstar Miranda Lambert will release her fifth major label album, “Platinum” on June 3, 2014. In honor of that, I’ve compiled what I feel are her 10 best songs throughout her career.

Miranda got her first nationwide exposure in 2003 while one of the finalists on the country singing competition Nashville Star. While she didn’t win the competition (she placed third), she has become the most successful competitor from the show. Fellow Sony Nashville star Chris Young won the fourth season of the show, and rising star Kacey Musgraves was part of the cast in the fifth season.

Since her 2004 debut single, “Me and Charlie Talkin’,” which peaked at No. 27, Miranda has earned nine Top 10 hits, including 3 No. 1 singles.

I’d like to include 3 honorable mention songs that are collaborations with other artists, making this a baker’s dozen.

  1. “Home” with hubby Blake Shelton from his album, “Pure BS (Deluxe Edition”
  2. “We Got Us” with Keith Urban from his album, “The Fuse”
  3. “Somethin’ Bad” with Carrie Underwood from Miranda’s upcoming album, “Platinum”

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Now, on with my picks for the Top 10 Miranda Lambert songs for your country music playlist. These are in no special order.

“Kerosene” Ethan Miller/Getty Images


This was Miranda’s third single release, and her first foray into the Top 20, landing at #15. This showed off Ran’s feisty take no BS from her man side, which is shown in the video with her catching her man with another woman, and leaving a trail of kerosene to the bed where he and the other woman lie, and dropping a match to end things. Girl definitely knows how to make her point.

Lyric sample: “Forget your high society, I'm soakin' it in kerosene. Light 'em up and watch them burn, teach them what they need to learn. Ha!”

Purchase: “Kerosene”

“The House that Built Me”
“The House that Built Me” Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“The House that Built Me”

This was Miranda’s first No. 1 single, and it spent four weeks at the top of the charts. The song also won Miranda a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance in 2011. The song had a nostalgic feel to it, talking about her childhood home, and all the memories that surrounded it.

Lyric sample: “If I could just come in I swear I'll leave. Won't take nothing but a memory
from the house that built me.”

Purchase: “The House that Built Me”

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”
“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Rick Diamond/Getty Images

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

The title track to her sophomore album, this song didn’t make the Top 40, (it peaked at #50) yet it is another track that shows Miranda’s bad ass attitude, similar to “Kerosene.” The girl in this story is definitely not one you want to mess with.

Lyric sample: “She looked at my man like he didn't have on a stitch. Somebody tell that girl to step up to the plate, I'm gonna pitch. Bitch”

Purchase: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

“Automatic” Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Grey Goose


Like its predecessor “The House That Built Me,” “Automatic” takes a look back at the way things used to be, saying that things were better when they weren’t just automatic. The first single from her upcoming fifth major label solo release, “Platinum,” the song is her current single at this writing, and is standing at #6 on the charts.

Lyric sample: “Hey what ever happened to waiting your turn, doing it all by hand. ‘Cause when everything is handed to you, it's only worth as much as the time put in.”

Purchase: “Automatic”

“Over You”
“Over You” Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“Over You”

Miranda co-wrote this with her husband Blake Shelton about the loss of his brother when he was a boy. It’s very emotional to both Blake and Miranda, and won the couple Song of the Year in 2012 at the CMA Awards, and in 2013 at the ACM Awards. It can be found on Miranda’s fouth major label solo release, “Four the Record.”

Lyric sample: “But you went away. How dare you. I miss you. They say I’ll be ok, but I’m not going to ever get over you.”

Purchase: “Over You”

“Heart Like Mine”
“Heart Like Mine” Rick Diamond

“Heart Like Mine”

While Miranda has her strong side, she also has a softer side as well, which is displayed in “Heart Like Mine,” which was her third single from “Revolution.” She co-wrote this with her Pistol Annie bandmate, Ashley Monroe, and fellow Nashville Star alum, Travis Howard. The song lyrics talk about how she isn’t the kind of person you’d want to take home to mama, but that Jesus would understand a heart like hers. “Heart Like Mine” was Miranda’s second No. 1 hit.

Lyric sample: “‘Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine. And I bet we’d get along just fine.
He could calm a storm and heal the blind, and I bet He’d understand a heart like mine.”

Purchase: “Heart Like Mine”

“Famous in a Small Town”
“Famous in a Small Town” Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“Famous in a Small Town”

You’ve heard the old saying about someone being a big fish in a small pond. This song is about just that. Stating in one line that the narrator made the front page of the local newspaper for getting the first buck of the season. The style is in contrast to the revengeful “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Gunpowder & Lead” which can all be found on the same album.

Lyric sample: “Whether you're late for church or you're stuck in jail, hey words gonna get around. Everybody dies famous in a small town.”

Purchase: “Famous in a Small Town”

“Mama’s Broken Heart”
“Mama’s Broken Heart” Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“Mama’s Broken Heart”

The story of this song has the narrator talking about all the things she did after a bad breakout, and how when her mama heard about it, she scolded her and told her she needed to stop acting crazy and start acting like a lady. “Mama’s Broken Heart” was the fourth single release from “Four the Record, and the fourth Top 10 from that album, peaking just shy of the top of the charts at #2.

Lyric sample: “Leave it to me to be holdin' the matches when the fire trucks show up and there’s nobody else to blame.”

Purchase: “Mama’s Broken Heart”

“All Kinds of Kinds”
“All Kinds of Kinds” Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“All Kinds of Kinds”

You know the old saying that says it would be a boring world if everyone were the same. In Miranda Lambert’s “All Kinds of Kinds,” we have nothing to worry about, as she talks about all the different people, from a dog-faced boy and the human cannonball in the circus, to the pharmacist that samples her wares to the cross-dressing congressman. They embrace their differences. The song peaked at #24 on the charts, and is the final single released from “Four the Record.”

Lyric sample: “Now some point a finger and let ignorance linger. If they'd look in the mirror they'd find that ever since the beginning to keep the world spinning, It takes all kinds of kinds.”

Purchase: “All Kinds of Kinds”

“Gunpowder & Lead”
“Gunpowder & Lead” Rick Diamond/Getty Images

“Gunpowder & Lead”

Miranda shows her feisty side again, where the woman in the story shoots her abusive boyfriend. Miranda said she got the inspiration from the song from her own life, as her parents, who took in abuse victims into their home, had her share her room with a woman and her daughter.

Lyric sample: “Slapped my face and he shook me like a rag doll. Don't that sound like a real man? I'm gonna show him what a little girl's made of. Gunpowder and lead.”

Purchase: “Gunpowder & Lead”