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Top 10 coolest Spider-Man costumes of all time

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Inspired by the spectacularly cool costume in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the upcoming Marvel event Spider-Verse which pits all Spider-Men together for the first time ever, let’s take a look at 10 of Spider-Man’s coolest costumes in his 50 years of existence.

10. Spider-Armor MK I
10. Spider-Armor MK I Marvel

10. Spider-Armor MK I

Debut: Web of Spider-Man #100

Imagine Spidey in a suit of armor like a medieval knight coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress.  That’s the basic idea of the Spider-Armor MK I which debuted in 1993.  Peter Parker crafted a bullet proof metallic suit to combat The New Enforcers.  While the suit did severely slow his mobility, he sure did look shiny and slick wearing it.  Don’t mess with a Spider-Man in armor.

9. Superior
9. Superior Marvel

9. Superior

Debut: Superior Spider-Man #14

Sometimes cool is interpreted as intimidating.  That’s how bad guys feel like when they stare at Otto Octavius’ second Superior Spider-Man costume.  With its piercing eyes, huge spider insignia and sharp claws, this Superior suit was deadly.  It sort of resembled Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man costume too.  The Superior suit ultimately was superior in style points compared to many other costumes Spider-Man has worn in the past.  Bag-Man anyone?

8.  Noir
8. Noir Marvel

8. Noir

Debut: Spider-Man Noir #1

This alternate universe costume is what Spider-Man merged with the X-Force’s Fantomex would look like.  Equipped with a holster belt, aviator goggles and a trench coat, this all-black suit fit this darker universe’s Peter Parker very well.  Besides, any superhero willing to wear a fedora is instantly cool.  It isn’t even a question.

7. Iron Spider
7. Iron Spider Marvel

7. Iron Spider

Debut: Amazing Spider-Man #529

“I just wanna say for the record, they haven't invented a word for how cool this armor is.” –Spider-Man

Spidey said it himself.  Tony Stark built Peter this armor while he worked and boarded at Stark Industries.  With a whole arsenal of applications and weapons embedded to the Iron Spider suit, only Iron Man himself could outmatch the technology.  Too bad Spider-Man ditched it for his traditional suit after siding with Captain America in Civil War.

6. Scarlet Spider Stealth
6. Scarlet Spider Stealth Marvel

6. Scarlet Spider Stealth

Debut: Amazing Spider-Man #650

Originally a suit designed and worn by the Amazing Spider-Man during Big-Time, the suit now belongs to Kaine the current Scarlet Spider.  This suit protects the wearer from sonic waves and can mend itself when damaged.  Kaine altered the original stealth suit to resemble the color of Ben Reilly’s costume.  Anything Ben Reilly in today’s Marvel universe is cool in our book.

5. House of M
5. House of M Marvel

5. House of M

Debut: House of M #4

When the Scarlet Witch altered time and space, we got a chance to see this wicked looking costume.  The House of M suit takes the classic red and blue costume and removes the spider insignia in favor of a spidered pattern across and behind the chest similar to Spider-Man 2099’s suit.  It’s a pity we didn’t get to see this suit in action more than a few What If issues.

4. Mile Morales Ultimate
4. Mile Morales Ultimate Marvel

4. Mile Morales Ultimate

Debut:  Ultimate Fallout #4

This isn’t a Peter Parker costume, but his Ultimate universe successor certainly knows how to dress in style.  This black spider-suit has a hint of the classic Spider-Man with an added edge to it.  This is a costume Peter would definitely approve of.  With Morales' popularity soaring, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him climb this list to a higher spot in a couple more years.

3. Classic Red and Blue
3. Classic Red and Blue Marvel

3. Classic Red and Blue

Debut: Amazing Fantasy #15

The most iconic superhero suit today is ranked #3?  While the red and blue is striking and nostalgic on all levels, it didn’t always showcase Spider-Man as well as a couple of his other suits have.  That doesn’t mean this isn’t an amazingly cool suit.  We can always rely on this trusted symbol to represent honor and justice that Peter Parker and the Spider-Man mantle fight so desperately for.

2. Scarlet Spider
2. Scarlet Spider Marvel

2. Scarlet Spider

Debut: Web of Spider-Man #118

How is a clone in a hoodie better than the iconic red and blue costume?  Both costumes are amazingly cool, but during the 1990’s for the first time ever in the history of Spider-Man, we were introduced to Peter Parker’s legit replacement (at the time).  To the surprise of many, Ben Reilly was hard to dislike.  That made his Scarlet Spider costume all that much cooler in the eyes of many fans.  Yes it was simple and kind of lame if you analyze it (after all it’s a ghetto hoodie with a spider insignia), but the Scarlet Spider was cool to many fans of Spider-Man and remains beloved today.  In a dark decade for comics, we received a Scarlet Spider in which a generation of children and adults learned to adore.

1. Black Symbiote
1. Black Symbiote Marvel

1. Black Symbiote

Debut: Secret Wars #8

When it comes to Spider-Man costumes, there is none cooler than the black symbiote.  This was the first permanent (at the time) costume change for Spider-Man ever.  In many ways, the black symbiote suit rejuvenated the character and opened the doors for a whole new generation of stories.  Much of the late 80’s and 1990’s were influenced directly by the darker tone that the black suit had brought.  Without it, Venom would not have been created.  And let’s face it, black will always be in style.

Disagree with the list?  What costume do you think made Spider-Man the coolest hero in the neighborhood?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 admiration and Honorable Mentions
Amazing Spider-Man 2 admiration and Honorable Mentions Sony Pictures

Amazing Spider-Man 2 admiration and Honorable Mentions

Let’s all take a second to admire Andrew Garfield’s costume in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It’s quite the marvelous spectacle that blends classic and modern into reality.

Spectacular costumes that just barely didn't make the cut:

Future Foundation, 2099, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Unlimited


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