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'Too many innocent people are dying,' UN chief Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon
Getty Images

It is easy to say stop the war in Gaza, but that doesn’t address the fundamentals such as this list.

1. Stop the Hamas terrorists

Hamas is a terrorist organization and as such has no political legitimacy. The free world cannot accept it, and of course the Israelis don’t. The 20-25,000 members of Hamas must be sought and captured or destroyed. Israel should consider giving them the option to surrender for prosecution and for some, conditional rehabilitation.

2. Stop the Gaza people from aligning with Hamas

Gaza people must learn a lesson from this current situation. They need a political alternative. Israel and the free world can work with moderate Gaza community leaders to constitute a new political party.

3. Stop the hatred toward Jews and Israel

Stopping the hatred toward Jews by Arabs living in Gaza will take time and a concerted education and political initiative led by Israel and supported by the free world. There are enormous economic barriers to be overcome in the process.

4. Stop the hatred toward Arabs by Jews

Some Israelis extremists are as radical in their views and hatred as extremist Muslims. They must be brought in line, even to the extent of being incarcerated or expelled. Religious extremism must be removed from the political equation in order to enable peaceful outcomes.

5. Stop the hatred among Muslims toward everyone else and between them

Islam and Muslims have fundamental challenges to transform their beliefs into moderation that brings about tolerance and respect for others. The extreme values embedded in the religion are obsolete by modern standards for humanity and must be changed in order to gain respect and the right to exist. Religion that promoted violence and terrorism cannot stand.

Address these things and Israel will stop. Hollow words by the UN chief and diplomats that do not address the fundamental problems are empty and without merit.

“UN chief Ban Ki-moon was also in Doha where he urged Israel to
exercise maximum restraint’.

‘Too many innocent people are dying...(and) living in constant fear,’ he told a news conference in Doha.”

1. Stop the Hamas terrorists
1. Stop the Hamas terrorists Mohammed Abed / AFP / Getty

1. Stop the Hamas terrorists

“IDF steps up hunt for Hamas terror tunnels after two soldiers killed in raid
After Major (res.) Amotz Greenberg, 45, and Sgt. Adar Barsano, 20, killed in Hamas raid, IDF intensifies search for terror tunnels, says 34 found so far. Gunman killed in southern Gaza emerging from tunnel, firing on troops. 94 rockets fired from Gaza on Saturday

BY YIFA YAAKOV, ITAMAR SHARON AND RICKY BEN-DAVID July 19, 2014, 12:14 am Updated: July 19, 2014, 11:55 pm

The Times of Israel liveblogged events as they unfolded through Saturday, the twelfth day of Operation Protective Edge. Two IDF soldiers — Major (res.) Amotz Greenberg, 45, and Sgt. Adar Barsano, 20 — were killed after a Hamas terror cell infiltrated Israel through a tunnel and exchanged fire with an IDF patrol. An Israeli man was killed and four of his family members injured when a rocket hit a Bedouin community near Dimona. The army said it planned to expand its operations in the Gaza Strip after uncovering 13 terror tunnels on the Gaza border. Palestinian sources put the total Gaza death toll at over 320.”

Read more: IDF steps up hunt for Hamas terror tunnels after two soldiers killed in raid | The Times of Israel

2. Stop the Gaza people from aligning with Hamas
2. Stop the Gaza people from aligning with Hamas Yefimovich / Getty Images

2. Stop the Gaza people from aligning with Hamas

“Israel accepts truce plan; Hamas balks
By William Booth July 15
GAZA CITY — Israel on Tuesday accepted an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire with Hamas in Gaza after a week of non-stop fire, but the Islamist militant group appeared to reject the deal, saying it had not been consulted on its terms.
A senior Hamas official, Sami Abu Zuhri, called the proposal “unacceptable” and complained that Egyptians have not spoken with the Gaza leadership. The group’s armed wing, the Qassam Brigade, wrote on its Web site that the initiative was “not worth the ink it was written with” and “the resistance will continue until all the demands of our people are met.”

3. Stop the hatred toward Jews and Israel
3. Stop the hatred toward Jews and Israel Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images

3. Stop the hatred toward Jews and Israel

“Israel is bombing Gaza? Support the Jews

07/20/2014 22:02

The real question is simple: What negotiation can there be with such terrorists – and make no mistake: Hamas, that attacks Israel from Gaza with rockets, is a terrorist organization.

Perhaps you find the headline of this article shocking. Isn’t Israel once again bombarding Gaza from the air, and preparing for a ground invasion? Tens or people have already died, hundreds, maybe thousands more will die, women and children among them, and their bodies will be carried in the streets, accompanied by the shrieks of the angry crowd (in front of the cameras, of course).

Surely, you might be saying, the why of it is not important? That rather, the important question here is simply should we support the genocide of innocent Palestinians? If so – congratulations.

You have outgrown that anti-Semitic T-shirt, are no longer that ethnic cepelina swearing at a rabbi for the first time.

You’ve come a long way from that intoxicated Internet commentator holding his grudge tightly in his little fist. You are a true European now, and have hidden your open hatred toward Jews behind subtle moralizations about the “two sides” of the conflict.

4. Stop the hatred toward Arabs by Jews
4. Stop the hatred toward Arabs by Jews David Silverman/Getty Images

4. Stop the hatred toward Arabs by Jews

“Jews & Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies
July 10
The peace, prosperity and security of innocent civilians are threatened due to the Arab-Israeli conflict. As a result, extreme forces on both sides continuously perpetuate an idea that the Jewish and Arab populations of Israel/Palestine are enemies. And as Arab-Israeli political tensions escalate, the social media discourse has become more hateful.

It is time to take a clear stance on the stereotypes, generalizations and the incitement of hatred! While we may not agree on the political developments of the Arab-Israeli conflict, we must demonstrate that we refuse to be enemies. We stand in solidarity with the Arab and Jewish populations who went to the streets of Israel/Palestine to demonstrate that they refuse to succumb to the hatred sentiments of the minority.We don't believe that if we will all be friends the core issues will disappear and we don't have to agree on everything, but we do need to show that we won't be enemies. If you also refuse to be the enemy of someone you have never met just because of their ethnicity or religion, come join us!

5. Stop the hatred among Muslims toward everyone else and between them
5. Stop the hatred among Muslims toward everyone else and between them Getty Images

5. Stop the hatred among Muslims toward everyone else and between them

If this analysis is correct, then there must be fundamental changes.

“The Quran Distinguishes Muslims from Non-Muslims
and Establishes a Hierarchy of Relative Worth

The Quran makes it clear that Islam is not about universal brotherhood, but about the brotherhood of believers:
The Believers are but a single Brotherhood (49:10)
Not all men are equal under Islam. Slaves and the handicapped are not equal to healthy free men, for example (16:75-76). The Quran introduces the “Law of Equality,” which establishes different levels of human value when considering certain matters, such as restitution for murder (2:178).
Neither are Muslim believers equal to non-Muslims:
Are those who know equal to those who know not? (39:09)
Is the blind equal to the one who sees" Or darkness equal to light? (13:16)
A believing slave is superior to a free Mushrik (one who ascribes partners to Allah) (2:221)
The Quran plainly tells Muslims that they are a favored race, while those of other religions are “perverted transgressors”:
Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book[Christians and Jews] had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors. (3:110)
As we shall see later, Allah condemns non-Muslims to Hell based merely on their unbelief, while believers are rewarded with the finest earthly comforts in the hereafter, including never-ending food, wine and sex (56:12-40).
Much of the Quran is devoted to distinguishing Muslims from non-Muslims and impugning the latter. The first sura of the Quran is an example of this. It is a short prayer that is repeated by devout Muslims each day and ends with these words:
Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. (1:6-7)
Muhammad was once asked if these words pertained to Jews and Christians. His response was, "Whom else?" (Bukhari 56:662).
Since Allah makes such a strong distinction between Muslims and those outside the faith, it is only natural that Muslims should incorporate disparate standards of treatment into their daily lives. The Quran tells Muslims to be compassionate with one another but ruthless to the infidel:
Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves… (48:29)
Islamic law actually forbids formal Muslim charity (in the form of the zakat payment) from being used to meet the needs of non-believers.
Allah intends for Muslims to triumph over unbelievers:
And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way to triumph over believers[Pickthall – “any way of success”] (4:141)
The only acceptable position of non-Muslims to Muslims is subjugation under Islamic rule:
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (9:29 Jizya is the money that non-Muslims must pay to their Muslim overlords in a pure Islamic state.)
A common criticism of many Muslims is that they often behave arrogantly toward others. Now you know why.”

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