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Today in Rock: April 16

Dusty Springfield
Dusty SpringfieldCourtesy of TOO

Today in music history:

There were several significant events on this day between the years 1939 and 1999.

On this day in 1939 future songstress Dusty Springfield is born in London, England.

On this day in 1947 Gerry Rafferty, future singer-songwriter for Stealers Wheel, is born in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

On this day in 1956 Buddy Holly releases the song “Blue Days, Black Nights".

On this day in 1964 David Pirner, future singer-songwriter for Soul Asylum, is born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Also on this day The Rolling Stones release The Rolling Stones.

On this day in 1969 Elektra drops the MC5 after the retailer Hudson's pulls all Elektra albums in retaliation for an ad the MC5 put in an underground paper that said "F*ck Hudson's." The band was upset because they refused to stock their Kick Out The Jams album. Also on this day The Beatles are in the studio working on the songs “Old Brown Shoe” and “Something”.

Selena, The Rolling Stones and E.L.O.
Selena, The Rolling Stones and E.L.O. Courtesy of TOO

Selena, The Rolling Stones and E.L.O.

On this day in 1971 future singer Selena is born in Lake Jackson, Texas.   Also on this day The Rolling Stones release “Brown Sugar” which is the first single out on their own label, Rolling Stones Records.

On this day in 1972 the Electric Light Orchestra make their live debut at Croydon, England's Fox and Greyhound pub.

Paul McCartney and Queen
Paul McCartney and Queen Courtesy of TV Guide

Paul McCartney and Queen

On this day in 1973 Paul McCartney's first television special, James Paul McCartney, airs on ABC.  It includes a few Beatles songs, new Wings tracks, sketches and a final performance of a song called "Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance," originally written for Twiggy.

On this day in 1974 Queen make their US live debut at Regis College in Denver, Colorado.

David Soul, Fleetwood Mac and Kiss
David Soul, Fleetwood Mac and Kiss Courtesy of TOO

David Soul, Fleetwood Mac and Kiss

On this day in 1977 David Soul's "Don't Give Up On Us," written by Tony MacAulay, hits number one in the US.  Also on this day Fleetwood Mac releases “Dreams”.

On this day in 1996 Kiss perform at the Grammys in full makeup and costumes. It's only the second time since 1980 (following their 1995 "MTV Unplugged" taping) that all four original members have been on stage together.

Elton John and Skip Spence
Elton John and Skip Spence Courtesy of TOO

Elton John and Skip Spence

On this day in 1997 Elton John is awarded an honorary membership to his old alma mater, Great Britain's Royal Academy of Music.

On this day in 1999 Skip Spence singer-songwriter and guitarist for both Jefferson Airplane  and Moby Grape dies in Santa Cruz, California at the age of 52.