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Tips to help improve severly damaged hair

Get beautiful flowing gorgeous hair like this with these easy tips!
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Sometimes we try to defy the laws of physics and create the impossible, because mom always said anything's possible right? And then suddenly our hair is breaking off, knotting up, and extremely hard to handle. Some of us shrug our shoulders and say, "it's only hair", while others cry and refuse to leave the house for an extended period of time. Either way getting back to the norm can be more than you've bargained for.

If you are doing color or other chemical services at home yourself and your hair is not holding up to the challenge it may be a great time to follow some of these tips. Hair can only take so much!

Find a stylist

Figure out how much room you have to play with in your budget and find a stylist that can do what you need within your budget. There are many options and stylists typically want to make you happy so they'll will usually work with you. If your hair is badly damaged then have them recommend treatments to get you back on track.

Use stylist approved haircare

Chemical services are not inexpensive, so why spend all that money on them and then wash everything down the drain with $1.99 shampoo from the grocery? If you are going to invest in your chemical services then you MUST invest in great products. If your hair is badly damaged then a great salon deep conditioning mask is what you should be taking home with you. Buy some plastic processing caps from Sally's Beauty Supply and while your cleaning the house give yourself a deep conditioning treatment! Apply conditioner to damp, clean hair and put in the cap and go. It can't hurt to leave a little in when you rinse it out too.

Mechanical vs. Chemical

Unfortunately there are two types of damage that can be done to the hair. One is chemical (perms and color) and the other is mechanical (flat irons and other hot tools). Yes, you can have both. If you are experiencing kinky, curly ends when you flat iron (especially platinum blondes) then you probably need to turn the heat on the iron down. Always make sure that you don't hold the iron on the hair for too long, as this will cause damage as well.

Get a haircut

If you have damaged your hair, it is always in your best interest to cut some of the damage off. Hair grows around six inches a year and so if you have twelve inches of length then your ends are actually two years old and have become tired. Once the hair is damaged getting it to hold color on the ends is like trying to get clean water out of a mud puddle, so you're much better off cutting them. This is a great opportunity for you to go bold and try that new style you were afraid to go for. What do you have to lose?

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