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Three 'Top Theaters' to enjoy your movies in Los Angeles

The Nuart Is  one of the LandMark Theaters
The Nuart Is one of the LandMark Theaters

What do you look for when you decide which theater to visit to experience movies. Do you just pick the closest cinema in your area? Do you pick the theater with the best discounts, comfortable seats, best popcorn and other treats, killer sound system, or biggest screen?

Most of us know the favorite mega multiplex theaters to enjoy movie viewing in Los Angeles. You have normally up to twenty screens in which to choose from in one place. While the AMC, Pacific, and Regal Theaters have some of the best all around movie going comforts for the main stream scene, there are a few not-as-well known theaters around Los Angeles that will give you unusual, unique and classic movie going experiences.

In the mood to explore? Here are a few top picks of theaters in Los Angeles for you to enjoy while having a great movie going experience.

Laemmle No Ho Theater
Laemmle No Ho Theater

Laemmle No Ho Theater

The Laemmle No Ho is but one of the Laemmle family Theaters in Los Angeles and primarily shows foreign and independent films. The theaters are pretty straight forward with trendy decor and a very studious take on movie treats such as pretzel hotdogs and flavored popcorn sauces. The crowds tend to be more adult and socially conscious. The theaters are located at the locations listed below and most films featured are, be they narratives or documentaries, usually enlightening, heartwarming, thrilling or dramatic and often informative. Blockbusters for the most part are not shown at these theaters unless thought of as a really good cinematic work.

Here are some of the Laemmle locations:

Claremont 5
450 West 2nd Street | MAP
Claremont, CA 91711

Monica 4
1332 2nd Street | MAP
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Music Hall 3
9036 Wilshire Blvd. | MAP
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

NoHo 7
5240 Lankershim Blvd. | MAP
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Playhouse 7
673 East Colorado Blvd. | MAP
Pasadena, CA 91101

Ipic Theater # 1 for comfort and style
Ipic Theater # 1 for comfort and style

Ipic Theater # 1 for comfort and style

The Ipic Theater is a well kept secret in Los Angeles. Having theaters all across the USA, the Ipic features the complete super style movie going experience. This theater programs normally what is most popular at the moment. But what the Ipic features that no other theater in Los Angeles does as well thus far is the complete treatment: dining, great sound, large viewing screens and best of all, first class seating.

Each of the six auditoriums seat about forty people. The chairs, which are coupled in pairs, recline to an almost horizontal position. They are as plush as a family favorite easy chair. Each has a small throw "airplane style" blanket and pillow for your comfort. Between the center arm rest you have a table with drink holders and controls to summon your waiter. You may order at any time, beverages ranging from water to cocktails as well as a full small bites menu that offers something for most taste from vegans to omnivores.

While you wait to be seated for your feature, Ipic Features a full lounge with an evening-out atmosphere complete with lite dining, full bar and seating at intimate or small group tables. This is the perfect setting for a relaxing evening at the movies. Tickets are a bit more expensive, ranging around twenty-five dollars per person, but here you get what you pay for.

There are soon to be two Ipic cinemas in Los Angeles but for now:

Ipic Pasadena:

42 Miller Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 639-2260

The West Los Angeles Landmark Theater
The West Los Angeles Landmark Theater

The West Los Angeles Landmark Theater

The Landmark Theater is located in west Los Angeles on Pico Blvd in the Westfield Mall, second and third floors. This theater has the best of both worlds. Similarly to the Leammle theater chain, the Landmark features mostly independent, art, foreign films and some popular films, if they are deemed best of quality.

Their is an excellent restaurant on the first floor of the mall, the Westside Tavern, which has a fine menu for pre-show dining; there are also several small restaurants surrounding the area. The Landmark also features it's own small enclosed seating area with restaurant on it's main floor which serves a lite fair and has a full bar.

The concessions at the Landmark are on the eclectic, healthy and gourmet side of movie treats to go along with your traditional popcorn and soft drink. These are not unlike the Leammle theater concessions except a tad more upscale and a bit more expensive.

There are about eleven theaters divided between the two floors all of which are appointed with very comfortable seats some of which are two person seating couches. The sound system and movie screens are state of the art.

The landmark caters to the same clientele as the Leammle theaters, a more adult sophisticated or professional patronage. Here you are likely to see well known actors and film makers checking out the latest "best flick".

For more about the Landmark and it's other Los Angeles theaters visit:

(310) 470-0492

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