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Three books to help save on groceries, under $3 each

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With continually rising grocery prices it has become more imperative for most families to have a strategy for saving money at the store. The average family of four spends over $1,000 a month for groceries according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

If you are curious as to how your family compares to the average family the USDA has a breakdown of typical food costs by age and gender. Click here to get the most current version. You will also find the costs dating all the way back to 1999.

$1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping
$1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping Used by license from

$1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping

Buying inexpensive groceries normally means buying heavily processed foods. Mary Frances Pickett has compiled a gluten free shopping guide to help find a healthy assortment for “$1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping”. The book is only 27 pages but at 99 cents per download it is still a bargain that will help you eat healthier for less coin.

Living on a Shoestring Budget
Living on a Shoestring Budget Used by license from

Living on a Shoestring Budget

Living on a Shoestring Budget” is a very comprehensive lifestyle change to help readers save in all areas of their life. It works off the paradigm of rich people who typically do not spend money unless they have to open their wallet. Published on February 27, 2014, the book shows how to adopt a mindset where you do not spend money foolishly. 

Mastering Penny Deals
Mastering Penny Deals Used by license from

Mastering Penny Deals

One of America’s largest chains of bargain stores, Dollar General, is the subject of the economic strategy book, “Mastering Penny Deals”. Evaline Thrift says that her book, published March 10, 2014, will show you how to save without the “hassle of couponing.” Learn how to get the cheapest price possible with this e-book.



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