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This is Marovitz Golf Course 24 hours before Nika

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Before Nika, which began dropping its snow onto Chicago-land at approximately 4 p.m. on Feb. 4, 2014, all, Chicago-land golf courses had several inches of snow lying upon their teeing grounds, fairways and putting greens. Twenty-four hours before Nika, Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course, which is at 3600 N. Recreation Drive in Chicago, Ill., had generally calm winds and a 24° F temperature during the day. Many interesting snow scenes awaited photographers.

For humans, walking through or around this nine holes golf course was certainly difficult because of the deep, snow layer. (Since this is a Chicago Park District golf course, there is no locked gate. Most Forest Preserve Golf Courses have locked gates.)

Some Chicagoans like to let their dogs run in the snow. Dogs need to run, and since there were few opportunities for them to do so after Chicago’s, recent, subzero temperatures, Feb. 3 was warm enough for these canines. (I believe that cats are finicky about snow, and would rather remain indoors. Perhaps these felines realize that snow is just solid water, and we know that cats hate immersing themselves in water.)

On Sydney R, Marovitz Golf Course’s, eastern side is Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan was eerily quiet. Waves did not splash noisily against rocks because the lake’s surface was frozen.

On this date, Canada Geese were not around to decorate the fairway with their droppings. Herring gulls did not warily look at humans walking along the lake shore. Gray squirrels were hibernating.

v Snow Signs-Marovitz

v Frozen Lake-Marovitz

v Marovitz-2 Stone Rows

v Marovitz-14 Stones

v Marovitz-Into the Sun

v Marovitz-Snowy First Hole

v Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Flat Ground

v Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Hill

v Marovitz-Southwestern View

v Marovitz-Starter Shack

v Marovitz-Winding Vines

Snow Signs-Marovitz
Snow Signs-Marovitz © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Snow Signs-Marovitz

The snow itself are the signs. This snow is under the Sydney R. Marovitz sign, under many trees, under light poles, on benches, atop fairways and around concrete posts.

Frozen Lake-Marovitz
Frozen Lake-Marovitz © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Frozen Lake-Marovitz

This frozen lake is Lake Michigan. (After the somewhat recent Polar Vortex, it is extremely likely that all Great Lakes have frozen surfaces.) As you can see in the distance there is a cloud cover. My estimate is that the cloud cover is at least 50 miles distant.)

Marovitz-2 Stone Rows
Marovitz-2 Stone Rows © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-2 Stone Rows

The closet, stone wall is the eastern boundary for Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course. The farthest stone wall is a boundary for Lake Michigan. In late spring, summer and autumn, strong winds can cause waves to splash against the farthest wall.

Marovitz-14 Stones
Marovitz-14 Stones © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-14 Stones

In this photo, there are 14 stones. I do not know whether these stones are shale, granite, etc. Of the 14 stones, 10 are standing upright. This golf course has interesting, stone designs around the first and ninth holes. 

Marovitz-Into the Sun
Marovitz-Into the Sun © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-Into the Sun

In this eastward view, the Sun is low on the horizon. (The time is approximately 4 p.m.) The building on the left side becomes a restaurant during golf season. This scene represents the front area of Marovitz's, first hole fairway and ninth hole putting green. 

Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Flat Ground
Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Flat Ground © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Flat Ground

These are not dog tracks, train tracks or tire tracks; they are ski tracks. Since Marovitz is a Chicago, public park, people can cross-country ski when sufficient snow is on the fairways. During golf season, this area is flat ground.

Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Hill
Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Hill © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-Ski Tracks on Hill

These ski tracks are on a snowy hill (obviously). Fallen snow created this hill which becomes flat ground when snow is not on the ground. This area is near the eastern, low wall at Marovitz's first hole.

Marovitz-Snowy First Hole
Marovitz-Snowy First Hole © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-Snowy First Hole

This view is looking north-northwest. During golf season, this first hole area has uneven ground that will give golfers uphill and downhill lies. Golfers who land in this area will need to punch between the trees to get back into the fairway.

Marovitz-Southwestern View
Marovitz-Southwestern View © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-Southwestern View

In this southwestern view, in the left, middle ground, a structure resembles a large dog house. Actually, it is a stone memorial to Sydney R. Marovitz. The tall building in the center is one of many tall apartment buildings along Marine Drive.

Marovitz Starter Shack
Marovitz Starter Shack © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz Starter Shack

The green structure on the right is traditionally a starter shack, but during Chicago's golf season it is rare to find starters in this shack. Starters will usually be outside wearing green jackets. (They did not win these jackets at Augusta National.)

Marovitz-Winding Vines
Marovitz-Winding Vines © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Marovitz-Winding Vines

Even in February 2014, these vines (now gray) wind around and among this stone wall. (You would think that cold temperatures would have broken them to pieces, or cold winds would have blown them hither and yon.)


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