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This Holy Week Take 5

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We are all very busy these days. Yet, it is Holy Week. If there was ever a time to take five minutes to set aside in your day, it is this week.

Sometimes we put off reflection and prayer time because we don't quite know where to start. It has been too long, we are rusty, or we just or too busy! All great excuses.

Kick start your life. Kick start your Holy Week into a holier week, into a holier life, into a holier way of living!

Here are 5 ways to reflect and pray this week as we prepare for the triduum, thus the glorious Sunday of all Sundays: EASTER!

1. FAITH: take a moment each day at 3 PM, the time of Christ's death, to reflect and pray.

2. FAMILY: strengthen family time this week by participating in all the services available at your church.

3. FITNESS: pray the rosary, divine mercy chaplet, or stations of the cross while you go for a walk;

4. FINANCES: make a decision this week to not ever sell your life short, as Judas did, for a few coins.

5. FUTURE: write/journal out a prayer, faith growth plan, for past Easter.

What are doing for Holy Week?
What are doing for Holy Week? Kelly Frick

What are doing for Holy Week?

Grow in your faith by taking a moment each day to around 3 PM, the time Christ was crucified, and pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet, Rosary, or some other prayer that puts you there with Him.

How can you grow as a family this week?
How can you grow as a family this week? Kelly Frick

How can you grow as a family this week?

Strengthen your family time by participating in each of the Masses/services this week and discuss it as a family.  Allow this week to create conversation, connection, as a family, in a way it never has in the past.

Mary, her sorrow, her joy, our example!
Mary, her sorrow, her joy, our example! Kelly Frick

Mary, her sorrow, her joy, our example!

When we go for a walk or exercise this week choose to do a rosary to reflect on what Mary endured as a mother.  May we always look to her as a great example in ALL aspects of our life.  Mary as wife, mother, woman, God's servant.

Don't sell yourself short.
Don't sell yourself short. Kelly Frick

Don't sell yourself short.

Reflect on how Judas sold out Christ for a mere amount.  He didn't think past his wants, his greed; he didn't keep his eyes on Christ, on God.   Use this week to make a plan to put your financial life into a peaceful state if it isn't already.

Pondering Prayer
Pondering Prayer Kelly Frick

Pondering Prayer

Use a moment to journal, reflect upon what you plan on doing past Easter to grow in your faith. How can you improve in certain areas in your life?  Bible reading? Understanding church teaching?  Theology of the Body?