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There is no border for flower arrangement world

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No matter what kind of floral arrangement you are interested in, Japanese traditional Ikebana arts, European floral arrangement or American flower designs, it looks like there is no border dividing countries, continents, cultures, races and related cultures whatsoever.

Unlike the situation back in 1950’s and 1960’s, Japanese traditional floral art called Ikebana has spreads all over the world and we can find uncountable number of people, groups and associations that love and specialize in Ikebana arts. At the same time, European floral arrangements are also quite popular in many countries around the world.

On top of that, we can find new trend of floral art which is created by way of blending both concept and skills of European and Japanese floral art. While many of Japanese people show interest in European and American flower arrangements, lots of people from all over the world show interest in Japanese Ikebana. And actually many people learn floral art that originated in other country than their own native country.

In Europe and the United States, we can find various Ikebana related organizations such as associations and schools that are actively operating. On the other hand, in Japan there are many associations and schools that specialize in European floral arrangements.

At California Flower Art Academy, there are students with various races and ethnic backgrounds who originally come from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Mexico, South America, Japan and of course from USA. It is a melting pot of so many kinds of races and cultures.

No matter whether they like it or not, students and instructors are forced to be exposed to different cultures and in a sense it is a good experience to understand each other beyond a different race, ethnic background, country and culture.

After internet technology is introduced, people from all over the world have been able to understand different languages, customs, cultures and arts as well. The world of floral arrangements is not exceptional. At the moment, we can easily find various types of floral arrangements originated in different countries. This means if they have a will and intention, they can easily access to another world and another type of floral art.

Especially YouTube greatly contributes to providing opportunities of understanding different cultures, arts and languages beyond a border. If you have some experience in floral designs and have interest in learning another type of floral art, California Flower Art Academy can help. You can make a choice of your most favorite program/course among a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS by well considering your taste, interest and type of floral art. For more information, feel free to contact

Yellow flowers with background of greeneries
Yellow flowers with background of greeneries California Flower Art Academy

Yellow flowers with background of greeneries

This is a simple table arrangement featuring yellow and green color coordination. You can place this type of arrangement on the dining table, console table or just on the cocktail table in the sitting room as a centerpiece decoration.

pomander of natural flowers
pomander of natural flowers California Flower Art Academy

pomander of natural flowers

Pomander also known as a kissing ball is quite popular as a bride's hand-held items at weddings. This particular pomander is placed on the table as a centerpiece. It is up to you how you display a pomander.

Ikebana arrangement
Ikebana arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Ikebana arrangement

Ikebana arrangement displayed as a centerpiece decoration. You can enjoy nice color coordination of green, white and brown. In addition to flowers, curly items are often used for Ikebana arrangement to create beauty of linear graceful line.

Corner floral arrangement
Corner floral arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Corner floral arrangement

Table arrangement called "corner arrangement" that is displayed at the corner of table. By this way of display, you can make the best use of the table space where any item such as cup and saucer can be easily placed.

Easel mounted wreath
Easel mounted wreath California Flower Art Academy

Easel mounted wreath

This easel mounted wreath is designed for funeral decoration. The typical color of funeral floral decoration is white and green. For this particular arrangement, yellow flower is added to make it outstanding.