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The worst jobs for your joints

Construction worker
Construction workerJim henderson/Wikipedia

You may already know this if you are working in one of these professions. If you are and are wondering why your joints hurt so much it is because they are on a list of worst jobs for joints. If you have joint pain and are looking for a job, you might want to reconsider these:

1. Construction workers

Working in the construction industry poses many arthritis risks. Lifting heavy weights incorrectly and without the right assistance is a significant arthritis risk factor. Another cause of arthritis is using tools that vibrate. If you have to be in this industry, take a lot of breaks.

2. Musicians

Repetitive motion is the life of a musician. You can try to modify for example if you play the violin try to learn how to hold the bow in a way that reduces strain on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

3. Teachers

Teachers and anyone on their feet all day are prone to foot arthritis. Try to avoid this by wearing flat or low-heeled shoes that provide support all around the foot and under the arch. High heels can increase arthritis risk because of the uneven pressure on parts of your foot, which leads to bunions and stress on the many joints in your foot.

4. Dancers

Dance may cause arthritis in almost every joint. Ankles and hips are likely candidates for arthritis symptoms as ballet dancers get older, for example. Staying fit, taking good care of joints, and taking time to heal after any injuries are the best arthritis prevention strategies.

5. Professional athletes

Professional athletes are not just at risk for brain damage, but also for arthritis of the knees and hips. Think about being tackled daily at high speeds by people weighing several hundred pounds. One preventive might be, for example, professional basketball players who have to learn how to fall on their buttocks so that they don't injure their wrists.

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Construction worker
Construction worker Jim henderson/Wikipedia

Construction worker

Workers wearing reflective vests, hard hats, and other protective clothing at a work site in New York City are prone to aching joints. 

Teachers Kaly99/Wikipedia


Teachers and professions that involve standing such as health workers are prone to foot arthritis and painful joints. In addition the repetitive motion of writing on a board can cause pain. 

Dancers Martiny/Wikipedia


Pierina Legnani (left) and Olga Preobrajenskaya (right) costumed as Medora and Gulnare for the scene "Le jardin animé" from Marius Petipa's final revival of Le Corsaire for the Imperial Ballet. St Petersburg, 1899. Legnani was the first ballerina ever to be officially titled as prima ballerina assoluta.

Athletes Cavic/Wikipedia


Michael Jordan goes for a slam dunk at the old Boston Garden. Many athletes have to learn how to fall and move so they are less apt to develop arthritis and joint pain. 

Musicians Nick/Wikipedia


Guy Pratt, a professional session musician, playing bass guitar. Musicians like athletes might have to re-learn how to hold their instrument to avoid joint pain.