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The worst food fails on Instagram

You will not find any fine culinary works of art here.
You will not find any fine culinary works of art here.

You’re probably following someone on Instagram that posts pictures of all the food they eat. Usually, you’re wishing these delicious plates of food were in front of you offline as well. Then there’s the nightmares.

Some ladies have a penchant for preparing awful food, no matter hard they try. Recipes are all over the Internet, and they seem easy enough to nail until the oven timer beeps and you open that magical door of doom. Enter the great CookingForBae Instagram account.

From the ‘whoa’ to the ‘what was she thinking,’ this account offers up the very best cooking fails the Internet has to offer. The best part is that most of these photos are legit meals someone made for their significant other while they were away at work. Imagine coming home to one of these gems? We’re thinking the local take out restaurants probably live in the speed dial of many of these poor guys.

If the photos of destroyed food don’t make you laugh out loud, the comments accompanying them certainly will. Cooking for Bae doesn’t stop at mediocre meals, several dessert attempts are also featured in the collection.

We feel that it is only fair to warn you about the photos featured below: You’re either going to laugh, cry, or lose your appetite for the remainder of the day.

For those who want to cook a successful meal before it becomes one of the meals served up for laughs, you might want to find an easy recipe right here on

Sprinkles nightmare

The caption on this strange cake mentioned the overuse of red sprinkles. There seems to be a little more wrong with this cake than the decorating.

Blue rice for dinner

When white rice seems too boring, there's always food coloring.

There's no explanation offered for the rest of the food on the plate.

Mystery meat

This is allegedly chicken, although we're not so sure. We could have broccoli and cheese inside, but one may never know.

Dipped in love

Even strawberries aren't immune to the dangers of the kitchen.

Then again, they ARE strawberries and they ARE dipped in chocolate.

Sweetheart ribeye

This heart-shaped hunk of something was described as a "sweetheart ribeye." Can you feel the love?

Pepto meatloaf

We're sure the chef had very good intentions when adding a glaze to this sad little meatloaf. Those intentions were probably not making it look like a pink slime special.

The rolls are the least of your worries

We're not sure where to begin here. The rolls are clearly not cooked enough, and the commenters seem to think the mystery meat of the day should be called "creamed ninja turtle."

Please control your cheese

This poor cheese tried really hard to be like it's shredded counterparts and just melt, but sadly, it didn't happen.

It's taco night somewhere

You can do lots of things with tortillas. This is one of the things you should not do.

Beef stew gone wrong

Could this possibly be an attempt at beef stew? I don't think the meat should have that green tint to it!

Turkey troubles

Would you eat this sad looking turkey? Something went wrong in the kitchen!

If you click any of the photos to read the comments made on Instagram, this is the one you MUST see.

Very meaty meatballs

Here's a hint to the chef: You failed. We can't figure out what's around your plate, and your meatballs certainly shouldn't be oozing.

Waste not, want not

I don't want to know about any possible health benefits this may have. It is just wrong.

You cooked what?

The comments with this photo suggest this may have been a small pet, but we'd like to think it's just a badly formed piece of meat from a source we don't say goodnight to.

Don't be a chicken

This chicken has been described as "zombie chicken." If this is how a zombie apocalypse will begin, I have nothing to worry about, since I'd rather starve than touch it.

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