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The ultimate tennis shoe for tired feet

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It is hard to find the right running shoes. Running shoes, by the way, are very expensive. It is super frustrating to come to the realization that after scouring the market for just the right pair of super pricey kicks, they DO NOT FIT WELL. How can a one hundred dollar (plus) pair of shoes hurt your feet?

Not every high-end trainer is built with the foot in mind. Most, unfortunately, are invented for style over substance. Running and walking shoes in-particular need to fit like a glove.

For quite sometime there has been a shift toward the minimalist trainer. Nike, New Balance, Puma and a favorite Merrell have mastered the art of the sneaker that fits the barefoot as if its, well, a barefoot. Fortunately, these manufacturers have discovered that a "glove" is exactly what the athletic foot needs to stay healthy and safe and free from injury.

Review of every manufacturer is beyond the scope of this article, therefore, the focus of our list will be on one really quality company, Merrell. Maybe not as popular as Nike or Reebok, Merrell is a tried and true, long time trusted company known for its hiking shoes, running shoes and other all terrain gear. Merrells are comfortable and although they are pricey, (not as pricey as some), they are worth every penny.

Runners/walkers who find themselves suffering from numb toes, sore heels, and achy arches will be refreshed to find that Merrell makes a style of shoe called "barefoot" which is best described as a "minimalist". Other companies have a similar concept, however, Merrell nails the minimalistic style of shoe.

As a matter fact there is not just one Merrell that fits the bill, there are several "barefoot" styles that keep the foot comfortable and healthy. They really do feel pretty close to your bare feet. They are light and airy. They hug the foot and best of all they are true to size, none of this going up in size to avoid corns and abrasions on the toes.

Need more convincing? Check out the list below of some of the minimalist trainers offered by Merrell that may finally lead to a pain free workout (or Yoga session or dance class or cross training, or aerobics session, etc.)

Still craving more information about Merrells and their benefits Click Here to see how they are even vegan-friendly which should put all the conscious athletes at peace!

Women's Barefoot Run Pace Glove 2
Women's Barefoot Run Pace Glove 2 Photo credit

Women's Barefoot Run Pace Glove 2

This shoe is the awesome re-iteration of the original barefoot runner. It is $100 retail and worth every penny. The one hundred dollar a pop investment is not for the faint of heart. Of course you can be a trainers of any caliber, but you should be serious before you take the plunge.

According to Merrell, this new barefoot style is more comfortable, keeps rocks out better and keeps your feet warmer on frosty runs in the spring and fall. The Pace Glove 2 women’s barefoot shoe delivers a reliable, close to the ground feel while stimulating and strengthening muscles and realigning posture and gait. 

Merrell makes it possible to re-imagine your best workout only better because with these trainers your body is allowed to work the way it was intended to. You can't go wrong with which ever Merrell barefoot style you choose. Just remember there is a bit of a learning curve if you have never worn these kind of shoes before

Barefoot Run Trail Glove 2
Barefoot Run Trail Glove 2 Photo credit

Barefoot Run Trail Glove 2

The 'Barefoot' style is not only for women. There are several "Gloves" for the male foot too. One such style is the Barefoot Trail Glove 2. This is an improvement upon the first generation gloves that are less suitable for more rugged terrain as the thinner souls could become rough after awhile.  These kicks are sturdier to be sure, but they are still light enough to allow the natural foot to contour and adapt to what ever activity you may have in store. Their price is a cool $100 from most retailer.

Women's Trail Run Ascend Glove Gore-Tex
Women's Trail Run Ascend Glove Gore-Tex Photo credit

Women's Trail Run Ascend Glove Gore-Tex

These are the 'Glove' on steroids! These trainers give you everything you want in a barefoot style sneaker, comfort, breathabilty, flexibility but with added support and durability. These trainers are not just for light work outs. They can take you any where you want to go. Just keep in mind, these babies don't come cheap. The average retail price is approximately $160. 

Barefoot Trail Run Ascend Glove-women's
Barefoot Trail Run Ascend Glove-women's Photo credit

Barefoot Trail Run Ascend Glove-women's

These are a runners running shoe. They are lightly cushioned but they "stay true to your natural stride". A note to mention, these trainers come with a breathable mesh called Motion Mesh engineered for breathability and optimal range of motion. It also is created with M Select FRESH which is produced to stop odor before it even begins. You will pay $120 bucks for fresh kicks that help you run like the wind.