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The top five GOP candidates for president in 2016

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Republicans and conservative activists are looking for a candidate to run in 2016 that they think will be the second coming of Ronald Reagan, after eights years of the worst president in the history of the country, that has been even far worse than Jimmy Carter. While there are a number of good candidates who might run, it may be a bit unrealistic to expect the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

What are conservatives look for in a candidate for 2016? First they are looking for one who will defend and uphold the Constitution, after it has been shredded by the Obama Regime for eight years, and one who will stand for key political principles rather than take the part of least resistance and advocate mushy RINO answers to our nations problems.

Many TEA Party and conservative activists are looking for the candidate they support for president in 2016 to be consistently conservative on key issues, taking stance in favor of cutting taxes, reducing the size of government, advocating a consistent Pro Life agenda, supporting a strong military and national defense, while advocating an America-First foreign policy that will advance American interests and restore our respect around the world. A good candidates will believe in and once against advance the ideal of American Exceptionalism.

Ideally, it will be hoped that the best candidates for 2016 are also able to win the general election against whoever the Democrats nominate. A big part of that will be getting a lot more successful in getting the message out to votes and getting our voters to the polls in 2016, breaking through the political suppression from the left, and also do what can be done to stop the massive voter fraud the left also engages in.

Here are the best candidates for the GOP nomination for 2016. Scroll down below the information to see the actual list of the top 5 candidates and their pictures.

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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz Wikimedia commons - United States Senate

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is currently Senator from Texas and among the leading strong conservatives in the United States Senate. Cruz is a strong advocate of upholding the Constitution and pursuing limited government, lower taxes, economic prosperity, a strong national security and restoring a commitment to American Exceptionalism.

Rand Paul
Rand Paul Wikimedia commons - United States Senate

Rand Paul

Currently the Junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul has been a leading voice for conservative principles in the Senate. As a libertarian-leaning conservative, Paul appeals to a wider spectrum of Republican voters than did his dad, Ron Paul, and if he inherits most of his dad's 2012 supporters, he would be a strong contender in 2016.

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson Carson Scholars

Dr. Ben Carson

Since retiring from a career as one of the nation's leading nuerosurgeons, Dr. Carson has become an articulate voice for conservative principles while becoming a vocal critic of political correctness and the authoritarian tendencies of the Obama Regime. Dr. Carson says he advocate common sense conservative principles, and in doing so, has attracted the support of millions of citizens.

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal Gage Skidmore, via Wikipedia

Bobby Jindal

Serving his second term as governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal has shown how conservative reform that is based on solid conservative principles works as the state level, where he has fought for key reforms in education and has in general reformed state government. Governors often make great presidential candidates, and Jindal is by far one of the best governors the GOP has in office right now.

John Bolton
John Bolton Gage Skidmore, via Wikipedia

John Bolton

John Bolton is the former Ambassador to the United Nations, who served in that position during the second term of President George W. Bush. President Bush wanted an unapologetic pro-America ambassador to the UN, and that's exactly what Bolton was. He's been mentioned as the perfect candidate for Secretary of State under the next GOP president, and he is eminently qualified to serve as president himself. Bolton is a solid Reagan conservative and could be a great president himself, should he decide to run and perhaps get elected to the office.