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The ten most dangerous foods found In Las Vegas

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Many people do not even realize that the food they consume can be potentially deadly. It is especially dangerous when you are traveling abroad with your family and friends, eating at new and excitingly unusual eateries.

Even when visiting Las Vegas, Nevada it’s important to know where these foods can be found. Be careful and make sure you order your food prepared correctly and know if you have allergies and to what.

You will be glad you did.

Nobu – Bellagio - FUGU
Nobu – Bellagio - FUGU jet setta

Nobu – Bellagio - FUGU


When in season if you are brave enough you can find this delicacy at Nobu at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip!

Fugu better known as blowfish or puffer fish in the United States is a Japanese delicacy. One Fugu carries enough poison to kill thirty people. Adrenaline Junkies and foodies’ alike everywhere may choose to risk their health and their lives for this slightly numbing dish. Only served by expert chefs, Fugu where the animals intestines, ovaries and liver  contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. The toxin is so powerful that a lethal dose is smaller than the head of a pin. Because of the high risk, chefs must undergo special training to obtain a Fugu preparing license, and such expertise raises the price of a Fugu dish to up to $200. With that said almost 10,000 tons of Fugu are served each and every year.

No matter where you find this dish served be careful that it is not the last meal you ever eat!

Bouchon, Mr. Lucky’s Cafe, Sugar Factory Brasserie and Goblet Bar, MTO Cafe, Crystals at City Center - PEANUTS
Bouchon, Mr. Lucky’s Cafe, Sugar Factory Brasserie and Goblet Bar, MTO Cafe, Crystals at City Center - PEANUTS v kool

Bouchon, Mr. Lucky’s Cafe, Sugar Factory Brasserie and Goblet Bar, MTO Cafe, Crystals at City Center - PEANUTS


Better Nutters at Bouchon, The Venetian in Las Vegas offers the classic treat, peanut butter cookies with Virginia peanuts and peanut butter butter cream.

At Mr. Lucky’s Cafe, Hard Rock Hotel,off the Las Vegas Strip the King, Named for Elvis Presley is a stack of 14 banana pancakes and 14 strips of crispy bacon, drizzled with a creamy peanut butter glaze and maple syrup and served with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

At the Sugar Factory Brasserie and Goblet Bar at Town Square on South Las Vegas Blvd.the Fluffer Nutter a milkshake is made with vanilla soft serve, chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, topped with whipped cream and peanut butter cups.

The MTO Cafe serves up Fat Elvis French Toast with bacon, banana, peanut butter, strawberries and Nutella.

At She by Morton’s, Crystals at City Center in Las Vegas offers the traditional Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich and is available and potentially deadly if you are one of the 1% allergic to the peanut! The childhood combo reaches a new level with crispy whipped chocolate, peanut butter mousse and a Concord grape cloud.

The delicious peanut to most is safe however there lies one deadly little nut if you're one of the roughly 1% of the population that has a peanut allergy. This nut is the most common cause of food-allergy deaths, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. So be aware if you are allergic to this readily available nut in many forms and sauces...

Sweet Tomatoes - LEAFY GREENS
Sweet Tomatoes - LEAFY GREENS daily mail

Sweet Tomatoes - LEAFY GREENS


Although everything is safe to eat at Sweet Tomatoes eateries especially due to their policy where all of their ingredients are shipped within 24 hours of being in the ground then placed on a refrigerated truck and on its way to their salad bar buffet where they feature over 50 fresh ingredients, including specialty tossed and prepared salads.

Leafy greens it must be noted including spinach, lettuce, cabbage, arugula and kale — were listed as the riskiest foods of 2009, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is regulated by the FDA. The group identified 363 separate outbreaks linked to the veggies last year; 240 of those cases were linked to food from restaurants not Sweet Tomatoes.

The majority of contamination's were linked to a pathogen called Nirovirus, which is usually spread by the unwashed hands of an ill food handler or consumer. Other contaminants include E. coli and salmonella, both of which can be introduced during the production phase if the greens come into contact with animal manure, contaminated water or wild animals.

So be careful out there when eating healthy. Create. Indulge. Enjoy.

Pinks – HOT DOGS
Pinks – HOT DOGS Lost in Idaho

Pinks – HOT DOGS


From Los Angeles to Las Vegas comes World Famous PINKS Hot Dogs! Dating all the way back to 1939, Mr. Paul Pink’s hot dog stand in LA has grown and is now in Las Vegas located in the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino and Miracle Mile Shopping Mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

Since its birth in Hollywood, Pinks has rolled out the red carpet for many of Celebrities such as Ozzy Osborne, Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison and more have enjoyed this very dangerous treat..

Please be aware that no matter where you find your hotdogs they are dangerous!  

The American Academy of Pediatrics says hot dogs are a choking hazard to children and should come with a warning label. Be warned that 17% of all food-related asphyxiations in those persons younger than 10 are caused by hot dogs. The Academy even recommended that hot dogs be redesigned to make it less likely that they will get lodged in the throats of the young. How do you redesign a hot dog?

Hmmm now that’s an interesting warning!

The Coffee Shop at Treasure Island – COFFEE
The Coffee Shop at Treasure Island – COFFEE Life Style

The Coffee Shop at Treasure Island – COFFEE

The Coffee Shop at TI offers casual dining at its finest and a warm and relaxed atmosphere with a stunning view of their tropical pool. With a diverse menu ranging from traditional comfort foods to more eclectic fare, this restaurant is the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the dreaded and very dangerous coffee.

Coffee has many side effects such as the possibility of increased heart rate, trouble sleeping and discoloration of teeth but there's another way that a cup of Joe can be detrimental to your well being. Call it the burned-crotch effect or the java jump and dump, because when that hot liquid hits your lap its hurts and is detrimental to your well being, especially if its at around 170 degrees.

Bandeja Restaurant - CASSAVA
Bandeja Restaurant - CASSAVA Cafe Mom

Bandeja Restaurant - CASSAVA


You can have safe and delicious Cassava root boiled, topped with onions and mojo sauce-can be found when searching for Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine and found at Bandeja Restaurant.

Also can be found in the form of a delicious dessert like tapioca, the pudding favorite is produced from the roots of this bush-like plant.  When prepared incorrectly, the cassava plant produces cyanide, a deadly compound when consumed. Some people are also allergic to the plant and the American Cancer Society warns that those with a latex rubber allergy might be more susceptible and should consider opting for a different selection.

Tasty Island - ACKEE
Tasty Island - ACKEE alternative

Tasty Island - ACKEE


Looking for ackee & salt fish in Las Vegas? You will find Bonjour Euro Bakers on the northeast quadrant of Rainbow and Flamingo  and the Jamaican restaurant (Tasty Island) serve up variants  with this ingredient.

In Jamaica, the ackee fruit is a favorite originating from West Africa to Jamaica in 1778 and is now the country's national fruit.

If improperly prepared and eaten like at Tasty Island it is can be safe and delicious. But if not, watch out, ackee can cause the Jamaican Vomiting Sickness, which untreated can lead to coma or death.

Unripe ackee fruit contains a poison called hypoglycin, so preparers must be careful to wait until the fruit's protective pods turn red and open naturally.

With all that risk comes with a delicious payoff, Jamaica's national dish which is ackee with codfish.

Du-Par’s Restaurant Bakery- RHUBARB
Du-Par’s Restaurant Bakery- RHUBARB farafarda

Du-Par’s Restaurant Bakery- RHUBARB

When dining at DU-Pars in Las Vegas their preparation of Rhubarb is safe and delicious and the strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream for dessert was the best part of the meal. 

Plus check your Rhubarb leaves for critters!

Rhubarb, the vegetable so celebrated for its role in pastries at bakeries is known as the "pie plant."  While rhubarb has a medicinal history originating in Asia, ingesting large amounts of the leaves can cause poisoning. The CDC warns that neither cooked nor raw rhubarb leaves should be eaten, owing to the toxins like oxalate they contain. Stick with the stalk safe and yummy!

Spicy Sushi Tuna - TUNA
Spicy Sushi Tuna - TUNA funny ordie

Spicy Sushi Tuna - TUNA


Although it is safe to order and consume tuna at Spicy Sushi Tuna let it be said there are facts about tuna the government want you to be aware of!

Charley the tuna has become one of the most widely consumed fish in the world. Even with a U.S. government advisory warning pregnant women and young children against eating too much of the albacore ("white") variety of the fish because of high mercury levels that could damage the unborn or young Childs’ developing nervous system. Wow Imagine that!  The FDA has also warned the possibility of Scombroid, a mild food poisoning caused by the toxins emitted from improperly refrigerating fish such as tuna, mackerel, bluefish and mahi-mahi.

Barcelona Tapas Restaurant - MUSHROOMS
Barcelona Tapas Restaurant - MUSHROOMS Daily Mail

Barcelona Tapas Restaurant - MUSHROOMS


The traditional Tapas style delicacies from Spain include dishes with mushrooms. Great thing here at Barcelona Tapas is they only serve the non Poisonous mushrooms as in any other kind would just kill their business. Along with the hallucinogenic properties of mushrooms they can also kill you. Varieties like the Death Cap, Destroying Angels and Deadly Web cap are very poisonous and capable of inducing death.