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The Spider-Man of the future returns in July courtesy of Peter David

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The Spider-Man of the year 2099 will return in a new series written by Peter David, the original writer of the character, with art by Will Sliney this July.

In an announcement on on March 27, details about the new series were revealed. The character who first debuted in the pages of "Spider-Man 2099" #1 in 1992, headlined his own series until 1996. Since then he has made sporadic appearances in the Marvel Comics Universe.

In "Superior Spider-Man" #17 (November 2013), Spider-Man 2099 returned to mainstream comics in a big way travelling through time and landing in the present day Marvel Universe where he tangled with the modern Superior Spider-Man. This appearance garnered him enough attention to get his own series.

The new series will be set in the present day Marvel Universe as Spider-Man 2099, aka Miguel O'Hara, will be part of a world where Peter Parker is returning to be Spider-Man. This is a different setting for the Spidey of the future; very different from the corporation ruled future of Marvel 2099.

But the Marvel of 2099 is quite fertile with characters. Will any other stars of the Marvel 2099 Universe join Spider-Man 2099?

1992 kicked off the exploration of the Marvel that was then 107 years in the future with four titles "Spider-Man 2099," "Doom 2099," "Punisher 2099," and "Ravage 2099." The line was quickly expanded to incorporate more of the popular Marvel Superheroes. Let's take a look at the history of 2099.

Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man 2099 Rick Leonardi

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 debuted as the leader of the Marvel Universe of 2099. Miguel O'Hara's adventures as the wall crawler ran for a total of 46 issues with Peter David writing 44 of them. The artwork by veteran Rick Leonardi was excellent.

O'Hara frequently tangled with the head of the evil Alchemax Corporation, Tyler Stone not to mention future recreations of Spider-Man villains, Vulture and Venom.

Doom 2099
Doom 2099 Pat Broderick

Doom 2099

In "Doom 2099" #1 (Jan 1993), John Francis Moore was the writer of a futuristic take on the villain Doctor Doom. Dropping the Doctor, Doom played around with the idea of whether or not this was actually Victor Von Doom the one time ruler of Latveria or just an imitation. One of the more compelling series of the Marvel 2099 line of books.

Doom developed the most over the course of the 44 issue series even conquering the future and ushering the 2099 A.D. (After Doom) era.

Punisher 2099
Punisher 2099 Tom Morgan

Punisher 2099

The Police Department's Special Operations Agent Jake Gallows determines that justice in the future is not being served. Inspired by the vigilante justice of the original Punisher, Frank Castle, Gallows takes the law into his own hands and becomes the judge, jury, and Punisher of 2099.

Originally written by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner with art by Tom Morgan, "Punisher 2099" lasted 34 issues.

Ravage 2099
Ravage 2099 Paul Ryan

Ravage 2099

In "Ravage 2099" #1 (December 1992), the creator of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee with artist Paul Ryan ventured into the future to write this futuristic garbage man who quickly learned some of the valuable lessons of great power and great responsibility. 

Of the 2099 titles Ravage was the only character created from scratch and therefore underwent the most development. This series ended at 33 issues.

2099 Unlimited
2099 Unlimited Chris Wozniak

2099 Unlimited

The Hulk of 2099 debuted in the July 1993 "2099 Unlimited." The green behemoth split the issue with a tale of Spider-Man 2099.

Hulk 2099 was created by Gerard Jones and Dwayne Turner. John Eisenhart was caught in a Gamma Blast that was set off by cult-like worshipers of the original Bruce Banner Hulk. Much like Banner, Eisenhart was transformed into an unstoppable Hulk.

Hulk 2099 continued to appear in the quarterly "2099 Unlimited" before spinning into his own self-titled, "Hulk 2099," series in December 1994 which lasted 10 issues.

X-Men 2099
X-Men 2099 Ron Lim

X-Men 2099

It was only a matter of time before Marvel's most popular heroes, the X-Men, received the 2099 treatment. In October 1993, John Francis Moore and Ron Lim introduced the X-Men of the future in "X-Men 2099" #1.

The series ran for 35 issues and was joined by spin-off series "X-Nation 2099" in March of 1996.


Ghost Rider 2099
Ghost Rider 2099 Chris Bachalo

Ghost Rider 2099

Len Kaminski and Chris Bachalo introduced the Spirit of Vengeance into 2099 with "Ghost Rider 2099" #1 (May 1994).

This take on Ghost Rider featured more cybernetics than the supernatural origins of the character. The series ran for 25 issues. 

Fantastic Four 2099
Fantastic Four 2099 Rick Leonardi

Fantastic Four 2099

In an eight issue series written by Karl Kesel with art by Pascual Ferry the Fantastic Four came to the future. Unlike their 2099 counterparts this Fantastic Four was not a re-imagining of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing, instead it was a mystery if these were the original Fantastic Four or not. 

Introduced in "Fantastic Four 2099" #1 (January 1996), the series was short lived but showed the original heroes of Marvel's resurgence of the 1960s in the most modern environment available.


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