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The Rhode Island General Assembly Website

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The Rhode Island General Assembly website is a clearinghouse of information for the citizens of the state of Rhode Island. Rhode Islanders have at their fingertips, all sorts of information that they could ever need to learn about what their respective state senators and representatives are doing.

To showcase the wonders of this never-ending source of information, the author has chosen to focus on three major access points on the site. These are the following tabs on the webpage: Legislation, Representatives and Senators.


The Legislation link is an awesome resource because it gives all citizens the tool to use all legislation worked on in previous legislative sessions. Currently anyone searching for legislative information can search through 2003-2013 for the status of individual bills, 1997-2013 for bill texts, 1998-2013 for legislative journals and 1994-2013 for Public Laws, Acts and Resolves. Information is also available on the Rhode Island Constitution, the Rhode Island General laws and the Legislative Committees.

Membership of the General Assembly

The Representatives and Senators links give all pertinent information about the membership of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and Senate. Visitors to this page can get contact information for their representatives and senators They can also find out who their representatives and senators are.

Home page of the Rhode Island General Assembly
Home page of the Rhode Island General Assembly Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014

Home page of the Rhode Island General Assembly

The home page of the Rhode Island General Assembly contains the links to up to date information regarding the day to day activities of the legislature.

Legislative tab
Legislative tab Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014

Legislative tab

The legislative information tab allows Rhode Islanders to access a lot of  details about the current status of proposed and passed legislation generated by the senate and house of representatives.

Bill Status
Bill Status Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014

Bill Status

This page allows visitors to check the status of any bill in the legislative session by category, sponsor and bill title. The searcher can view currently 10 years of data.

Journal Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014


The journals section allows Rhode Islanders to read minutes of what has occurred at the sessions of the senate and house of representatives. 

Bill text
Bill text Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014

Bill text

This page allows the visitor to view the full text of any bill introduced into the General Assembly. The search engine allows for the searching of  17 years of legislative history.

Representatives Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014


This page gives you information about district representatives and how to contact them. Searchers can also find out by a simple search who their representatives are by supplying their address.

Senators Screen capture by author Jan. 10, 2014


The senators page like the representatives page also allows visitors to access their senators information and contact them at their leisure.



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