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The most amazing facts on how digestive system works

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The most amazing facts on How Digestive system works

The more I read about Human body the more it amazes to me. It is basically made up with different parts holding their own roles & responsibilities. Imagine what it takes all of them to keep us healthy, fit & Beautiful of course! Among all Digestive System plays a very big role in keeping us this good therefore let’s understand the Magic it has which keeps us rolling all day every day.

Time for Quiz, When do you think Digestive system starts working?

This is something I was shocked to know that Digestive system begins even you smell something delicious or even a food that you are really willing to consume that will taste good. Hard to digest this no worries, it was hard for me too! Let’s see what science has to say for this. Now imagine about the Chocó pie, Cup Cakes or any of your most favorite dish. You will automatically begin to salivate. This is the starting point from where the digestion process kicks in for that first delicious bite. So now we know that it’s a Myth that digestive system starts working after eating food.

Do you know about What Mechanism Stomach Performs..??

Pause for a while and think..!! Do you ever wonder what mechanism does our Stomach perform?

Initially, you won’t believe me saying that our stomach has to perform 3 mechanisms that allow food to pass from a streamlined natural process.

Mechanism One: Anything that we eat or drink gets swallowed and stored in the stomach in the form of food and liquid. To carry on this process muscle of upper part of the body needs relaxation and it also plays a vital role by accepting large volumes of swallowed material.

Mechanism Second: Lower part muscle of your body becomes active and needs to take action by mixing up the materials like food, liquid and other digestive juices produced by the stomach. You will be glad to know that the alias name of the mixture is called as Chyme.

Mechanism Third: After the process of swallowing up and mixing up the food materials the third action of the stomach is to empty its contents into small intestine.

Simple Yet Interesting fact to know

Every food that we eat gets digested in the small intestine after it gets converted into juices when it passes from other various important parts of the digestive system like pancreas, liver, intestine and it gets pushed for further digestion process.

Digestive system is the main integral part of the body which always functions either we eat or smell any food and start taking action immediately.

Go for Healthy Diet Regularly
Go for Healthy Diet Regularly

Go for Healthy Diet Regularly

The factor that has a very important role to play in imbalance of digestive system are stress, inadequate sleep, antibiotic pills, aging and consuming poor diet not comprises of essentials nutrients and vitamins.

Solution: Having dairy products and fortified cereals helps to maintain the digestive system in a proper shape. 

Requires Hydration
Requires Hydration

Requires Hydration

Our digestive system requires adequate hydration and water is one of the most essential element that gives moisture it need to properly function the body to keep it healthy always.

Solution: Keep your body hydrated by keep on drinking water at every stipulated time intervals. It happens at times that our body mistaken hunger for thirst so stay hydrated with water to prevent overeating.

Start Work out Daily
Start Work out Daily

Start Work out Daily

Proper exercise helps to create a healthy digestive system which allows the food to move through the large intestine much quicker.

Solution: In addition to that muscles contracts during exercise and can contribute to more efficient movements at stools.

Keep yourself away from Overeating
Keep yourself away from Overeating

Keep yourself away from Overeating

During festive season you try but drop your self- control when the foods that you love eating are placed before you. This leads to overeating and can be the cause when digestive system gets imbalance or disturbs.

Solution:  Foods which are spicy, oily and includes high amount of fat should be avoided. To keep your system operative more smoothly stay away from such foods.

Be Cautious and Conscious
Be Cautious and Conscious

Be Cautious and Conscious

This is especially for those who love to eat dishes containing fats and calories. There is no harm going for such dishes but in a cautious manner and always try to be calories cautious.

Solution: To balance the calories of your food try to go for a cup of tea with an ingredient like mint or cinnamon tea. This might help to give your eating a break and allows listening to your body in a positive manner.



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