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"The M Word" brought out Indie stars Michael Imperioli and Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman stars in The M Word
Photo by Photo by Ben Horton

Cast members of “The M Word” attended the premiere of the new Indie flick by writer and director Henry Jaglom at the Florence Gould Hall Theater in Manhattan.

Walking the red carpet were the film’s stars Tanna Frederick, Michael Imperioli, Eliza Roberts and co-writer and film editor Ron Vignone at the premiere.

Other VIP guests of the premiere included Lee Grant, Henry Jaglom, as well as the noted filmmaker Peter Davis (Hearts and Minds), actor/director Nick Sandow (Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order), and the acclaimed Australian director Fred Schepisi and his wife Mary Schepisi.

According to David Patrick Columbia’s New York Social Diary blog on Jaglom’s newest Indie flick is about “the experience of getting older.” I reviewed this film and feel that the male writer and director is able to get into the heads of women much better than many of his male counterparts. “Whatever his medium, Jaglom chronicles contemporary life, no matter the era. The generation in his film today is the same generation that was in his films thirty years ago. Jaglom’s work is anoeuvre now, and he’s still doing it. He and Woody [Allen],” added Mr. Columbia in his blog.

“THE M WORD is Jaglom’s romantic comedy about relationships between men and women, mothers and daughters, about the significant changes women experience as they mature and the difficulties endured in the face of an evolving work force, generational power shifts,” added the press release post screening at the New York City premiere.

The new film stars Tanna Frederick, Michael Imperioli, Corey Feldman, Frances Fisher and Greg Harrison and features Mary Crosby, Cathy Arden, Steve Howard, Robert Hallak, Sharon Angela, Ron Vignone, Eliza Roberts, Simon O. Jaglom, Beege Barkette, Julie Davis, and Zack Norman & Michael Emil. Released by the independent film company, The Rainbow Film Company, “The M Word” opens in NYC at Cinema Village on April 30th and nationwide on May 2nd. Staten Island women who are nearing or who have already experienced the dreaded word no one likes to talk about – menopause – will be laughing about this farcical romantic comedy long after the film wraps. This is one new indie comedy that will have you laughing and talking about the experience of women and relationships at every age. A must see for Staten Island arts fans of Indie films. For more about this film visit

Lee Grant at premiere of "The M Word"
Lee Grant at premiere of "The M Word" Photo by Photo by Craig Barritt

Lee Grant at premiere of "The M Word"

Lee Grant came out for the M Word premiere in New York City. She has graced past Henry Jaglom films and came out for the premiere of his new film.

Tanna Frederick and Michael Imperioli
Tanna Frederick and Michael Imperioli Photo by Craig Barritt

Tanna Frederick and Michael Imperioli

Tanna Frederick and Michael Imperioli star in "The M Word" as colleagues who fall madly for each other while the filming of "The M Word," a new reality series by Tanna Frederick's character. The two fall for one another despite many obstacles, including Tanna's suitor Corey Feldman.

Henry Jaglom
Henry Jaglom Photo by Craig Barritt

Henry Jaglom

Henry Jaglom's new film "The M Word" uses humor, drama, and romantic farce to draw attention to the process of aging, both female and male menopause issues. Growing old gracefully is a hot topic that Jaglom hits on with hilarious and heart-warming results. Staten Island Indie fans, don't miss "The M Word," a romantic comedy and farce with a heart!